Aural Pleasure: Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon started slinging herb for his mom at the tender, albeit superstitiously unlucky age of thirteen. Although it sounds eerily similar to a plot-line from the brilliantly twisted Showtime dramedy Weeds, art has since imitated life (and not vice versa). When Avalon took the dreaded gateway drug route, though, she cut him off. Translation: mommy fired his @$$ for graduating to smack. Mickey ended up turning tricks for dope in his most desperate years. These days, he turns phrases for dough. And now his old lady works for him…as one of his managers.
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Jazz Hands: Erik Deutsch

If what's left of my memory serves me correctly, Erik Deutsch and I first met in the hallway of Hallet Hall during my freshman year at CU Boulder. Hallet was allegedly named “Biggest Party Dorm in the Nation” by Playboy Magazine around that time, and its residents were determined to retain the title. On an average night, one might encounter a full bar, more than one four-foot bong and even a nitrous tank.
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Aural Pleasure: Eprom

Eprom, shorthand for erasable programmable read-only memory, is the moniker of Bay Area-based Sander Dennis, slated to slay Owsley's Golden Road (2151 Lawrence) this Friday, January 22. Picture Super Mario getting his freak on, a la Missy Elliot, and you'll have an inkling of what to expect from his set.
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Aural Pleasure: Matt Morris

Immediately following his SNL cherry-popping featuring instant holiday classic “Dick in a Box”, Justin Timberlake was feeling cocky. Pun intended. In the middle of dinner at a Middle Eastern joint in NYC, JT shared plans to launch his own label with longtime pal Matt Morris. That's not all. JT wanted Morris's Hancock on a recording contract.
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Aural Pleasure: Ana Sia

DJs that don't dance to their own music should be suspect IMO. It's the same “Do as I say, not as I do,” attitude that smoking parents often wield. Talk about setting a pathetic example. Ana will never have that problem. She was a dancer long before being a dance-floor choreographer, and has never been shy about multi-tasking.
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Aural Pleasure: Sydney Blu

Blu has come a long way in her day, gradually surpassing many of her female peers in both the production and performance departments. Inking a deal with Deadmau5 vanity imprint Mau5trap certainly didn't hurt, but Sydney has since launched her own label--Blu Music--and continued to perform well on's virtual stage sans Deadmau5 hand-holding in the studio.