303 Award Winners 2016-2017

Drumroll, please…. Here are the winners of the 2016-2017 303 Awards. This year,  the nominees were selected by industry influencers and thousands of you cast a vote to help us choose the best in Denver. Continue on to see who won!

Food & Booze Awards

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Best Brunch – Fan Favorite: Snooze

Coffee Shop – Fan Favorite: Session Coffee

Best Bar – Fan Favorite: 715 Club

Best Brewery – Fan Favorite: Resolute Brewing

Most Influential Chef: Jeff Osaka

Best Brunch: Squeaky Bean

Best New Coffee Shop: Session Coffee

Best New Bar: The Way Back

Most Underrated New Restaurant: Fish N Beer

Best New Restaurant: Hop Alley

Best New Brewery: Resolute Brewing

Best New Restaurant – Fan Favorite: The Way Back

Music Awards


Best Local Artist: Trev Rich

Best Local Artist – Fan Favorite: RANSTEEZ

Most Promising Local Artist: 888

Best Album By Local Artist: To Make a Long Story Short – Trev Rich

Best Local DJ: Lucid Vision

Best Music Festival Held in Colorado: Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Best Music Festival Held in Denver City Limits: Westword Music Showcase

Best “Hidden Gem” or Underground Music Venue: Milk Bar

Instagram Awards


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Best Denver Instagrammer: @6millionstories

Best Colorado Instagrammer: @KellyCalvillo

Best Instagrammer – Fan Favorite: @__michaelgarcia

Fashion & Beauty Awards

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Best Boutique – Fan Favorite: Spruce

Best Women’s Boutique: Fab’rik

Best Men’s Boutique: Jiberish

Best Designer: Maggie Burns

Best Fashion Photographer: Robin Fulton

Best Salon: El Salon

Best Female Model: Madison Spialek

Best Male Model: Lakota Lefler

Best Alternative Model: Hosnah Safi

Colorado Hairstylist of the Year: Bri Bird

Colorado Makeup Artist of the Year: Cha Cha Romero

  1. Go Michelle! You are such a talented model who takes such gorgeous photos. Congratulations!

  2. Germany Tryels is an amazing woman inside and out. She’s a very dedicated and ambitious person, and she always strives towards doing better in all that she devotes her time to.

  3. Who the fuck are any of those DJs. Nobody’s that’s who. Sorry but we run the underground, with a few other crews. Get your fact straight 303.

  4. Graham Nation is hands down the BEST hair stylist I have eve had the pleasure of working with. Not only do I fully trust his judgement, but I believe he most likely knows what I want with my hair better than I do! What a talent!!!

  5. Tiffany is amazing! I am so impressed as both a makeup artist and as a person. She is a gem and so deserving! Lifelong customer!!

  6. Thomas Wayoro Best Male Model!!!! Not only the best on the outside but on the inside! Fierce!

  7. why is ashli hara not mentioned as a top designer? her company is in boulder and is internationally recognized. i would love to see elven forest honored, or at best, mentioned. her models are fabulous, and yet, none of them are mentioned as nominees. some of her models have extraordinary resume’s and are known throughout the u.s.

    also, why are jonathan aeon child and lea luna not acknowledged as a top dj’s? jonathan’s dj talent is how i became acquainted with the denver music scene, which is saying a lot, since my background is working with internationally known music artists and dj’s. the fact he creates visuals live as he dj’s is a bonus no other colorado dj’s offer.

  8. 95% of the restaurants here are overrated. They all have the same exact dishes on the menus. I guess imitation is the greatest form of flattery.
    The best restaurant in Denver is no longer open. Z cuisine.

  9. Go Michelle Smith!!! You’ve worked so hard for this and I couldn’t be prouder to call you my older sister. <3 Also rooting for Joe Denny who is an incredibly talented and caring hairstylist and the lovely Antoine Du Chez for best salon!

  10. Chad Cantu is hands down the most fabulous hairstylist in this state! I drive over an hour to see him because I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair.

  11. Becky is an amazing Makeup Artist. She brings modern and fashionable looks from your everyday look to your night out or your walk down the runway!! Love her!!

  12. Good lord this website is the LEAST friendly site to use on a phone. It throws you WAY down the page when you try to click on something and you have to scroll back up to select something. I use an iPhone. Any android users facing the same trouble???

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into a new system for next year. For now it helps to just vote on your computer, but if you’re on your phone just make sure to zoom in and click on the selection exactly because if you select somewhere else, Google (for some reason) sends you to the top.

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