Riot Fest Denver: Your Three Day Concert Guide

303 Magazine's Riot Fest 2014 Concert Guide With Riot Fest Denver now just a week away, it's time to gear up for one of the biggest weekends in music that Denver has seen this entire year. The sophomore sea...

Event Horizon: Cobraconda at the Larimer Lounge

Graham Nation is one third of Denver's deliciously raunchy DJ trio, Cobraconda, and cut my hair in a button-down, tie and vest the first time I met him. With a spiderweb of tattoos wandering the length of his a...

Synth City: Chain Gang of 1974

Kamtin Mohager has checked everything off his bucket list. And he's only 25. “I created the list when I was 16. I've crossed everything off, which is unbelievable. Ninety-eight percent of my influences are ...
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Aural Pleasure: DJ MLe

What will MLE play in Wunderland? Disappear down the rabbit hole this Friday and find out. I'll be there, celebrating my umpteenth annual Unbirthday and singing with MLE's buddy Ishe.
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CD Report Card: DJ Dragon – HomeGrown

Dragon, one of Beta's resident DJs, recently orchestrated another Mile High milestone: Homegrown. Compiled by the Triad mascot, Homegrown is a mixed CD consisting primarily of Colorado producers. Pretty Lights, Shawn Astrom, Ty Tek, Venaccio, Satori-C, Entropy, Lea Luna, Sonaris, mLe, Shawn Mitiska, Joman, Sir Thomas, Jquintel, Manufactured Superstars, Dirt Monkey, Savoy, Kostas K, Samples, Jontron and Dragon himself are among the individual artists included.
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Movin’ Units: Velcro City Records

Jason Schlosky has long had a thing for hooks and loops. Velcro City Records, the dance music label he founded with DJ Hero (no relation to the video game of the same name), benefits from nostalgia value associated with the patented “zipperless zipper” system invented by Swiss engineer George de Mestral. Hooks and loops, an idea de Mestral ganked from Mother Nature (burdock burrs, specifically), are the functional foundation for the popular textile technology. They play a similarly essential role in the creation of electronic music. Where would techno and its related electronica genres be without hooks and loops?