Hindsight: Social Distortion @ The Ogden

There are some voices that, when raised in song, don’t merely carry a tune … they preach it. When this happens, anyone within earshot just can’t help being somehow transformed. But when the voice in ques...

Tappin’ that axe: Social Distortion

I have a theory about notoriety: the longer it takes an individual or group to achieve it, the more sustainable it is. Overnight sensations—though the ascents are rarely as rapid as they appear—often fall o...
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Birthday Bash: Johnny Cash

MTV's program 120 Minutes facilitated my first visual exposure to The Man in Black. “Delia's Gone”, the debut single from Cash's Rick Rubin-masterminded comeback, was set to a black and white and sepia video clip featuring Kate Moss. My curiosity was certainly piqued, but I wasn't sold until he channeled Soundgarden's “Rusty Cage” (with a little from friends Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) on the American Recordings follow-up.