Hindsight: Snowball Music Festival

As the snow, ice, and mud still settles from the three-day adventure that was Snowball Music Festival and the headaches and depression come to an end, we here at 303 Magazine want to take a fond look back o...

Goin’ to Coachella?

Then you're awesome. Some of you are probably excited to see a certain band, or a handful of them. Maybe you don't know that many. Well, that's the beauty of Coachella: there's something for everyone, no mat...
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Aural Pleasure: Gorillaz Listening Party @ Lipgloss

Listening parties have become a Lipgloss staple over the course of its lifespan. This Friday, March 12, Trundle and company will engage in a little Gorillaz marketing when La Rumba plays host to the single most famous animated band on the planet.