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Before Denver’s longest running club night Lipgloss settled on its longtime current location La Rumba, it tried a few venues on for size. 60 South, now home to 3 Kings, was the first, nearly nine years ago. I was there. Does that make me old school? At the time, I was on assignment for now-defunct Go-Go Magazine. Michael Trundle, recently retired resident Tyler Jacobson and long absent Tim Cook had just hosted their first monthly Brit-pop shindig and I was in charge of checking out the second installment. Losing my Lipgloss virginity at such an early point in the event’s storied history is a bragging right I’m proud of. This past Friday, Orange broke a different kind of cherry when he sang live at the Ginger Perry-hosted First Friday After-Party.

Lipgloss has come a long way in its near decade existence. Back at 60 South, it was a fledgling monthly struggling to find its niche audience. The complimentary sampler CD I received upon entry was dominated by bands like Blur and Ladytron. Accolades have since been showered on the tenacious weekly for the past five or six years running. Friday’s rager saw more than 575 heads through the door–over 1,100 feet on the dance floor. Electro has infiltrated the playlist in a big way. New resident Chase Dobson even dropped some dubstep, including a re-rub of MGMT‘s electro-pop masterpiece “Kids.”  Performing the Arete & Kaution mix of “Pussy Whipped” live at midnight was a fantasy fulfilled. Trundle, also known by his alias Boyhollow, brought acts with axe– including Faith No More and Rage Against the Machine–back at last call. Kitty, lead singer for Le Divorce, and I air guitared our hearts out. ‘Twas bananas, I tell ya. Bananas.

Listening parties have become a Lipgloss staple over the course of its lifespan. This Friday, March 12, Trundle and company will engage in a little Gorillaz marketing when La Rumba plays host to the single most famous animated band on the planet. The five year dry spell since Gorillaz’ last gazillion-selling platter has got fans ape nuts with anticipation. Plastic Beach, due on both digital and physical shelves today, doesn’t monkey with their aural formula much, and no one’s complaining. Co-conspirators this time around include Snoop Dogg, Lou Reed, Mos Def, Barry Gibb, De La Soul, Little Dragon and The Lebanese National Orchestra, among others.

I foresee a jungle fever epidemic on the horizon, not to mention Miike Snow (4/9) and Hot Pink Delorean (4/16).