Moving Pictures: The EDC Experience

How often is a straight-edge Mormon blamed for inciting a riot? Last week’s Hollywood Boulevard block party outside the premiere of a documentary about Electric Daisy Carnival, a massive dance music fest pu...

Festival Window: Global Locals

Gallons of ink have been spilled by music writers trying to capture a fraction of the massive natural mojo and aural perfection of Red Rocks. That our backyard was once considered one of the world’s seven w...

Snow Ballin’: Lights, Lips & Bassnectar

I would happily endure freezing temperatures to witness The Flaming Lips. I don't have the hots for any weather girls--thus haven't the foggiest how cold it'll be in Vail this Sunday--but I do know Wayne Co...

MMJ DJ: Mix Master Mike

Mix Master Mike--The Serial Wax Killer--shares the bill with Mickey Avalon, Asher Roth and Denver's own Flobots this weekend at KushCon II, a medical marijuana convention at The Denver Convention Center.
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Beat Diet: Pretty Lights

Although a few established acts have dabbled in the free download game—Radiohead and NIN are obvious examples—Pretty Lights' Derek Vincent Smith built his entire career that way--from the ground up. The Fort Collins-based producer is practically in a league of his own. Name one other artist who hasn't made a single penny on recorded music and is now capable of packing Red Rocks--a feat Smith is reprising this Saturday. It is a trajectory that many will inevitably imitate. Girl Talk might his only near-peer--business model-wise--but unless Crickets Chirping is the alias of a band not yet on my radar, the answer is clear.
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Festival Window: South by Southwest

Austin is music industry magnetic zero this week. Bands, brands, managers, bloggers, photographers, label reps, DJs, journalists, hipsters, musicians, assistants, publicists, groupies, roadies, street teams, retailers, talent scouts and publishing houses are all represented by themselves or someone else in the Lone Star city.
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CD Report Card: DJ Dragon – HomeGrown

Dragon, one of Beta's resident DJs, recently orchestrated another Mile High milestone: Homegrown. Compiled by the Triad mascot, Homegrown is a mixed CD consisting primarily of Colorado producers. Pretty Lights, Shawn Astrom, Ty Tek, Venaccio, Satori-C, Entropy, Lea Luna, Sonaris, mLe, Shawn Mitiska, Joman, Sir Thomas, Jquintel, Manufactured Superstars, Dirt Monkey, Savoy, Kostas K, Samples, Jontron and Dragon himself are among the individual artists included.