What do you get when you put together Mimosa and Sleepyhead? A steamy rug-cutting blow-out bash. The remarkable duo out of California throw down tomorrow night at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in the sultry collaboration known as SexyTime. Mimosa, well known for his breakbeat/IDM/trip hop tracks, hit major notoriety when he opened two summers ago for Pretty Lights at Red Rocks and has been headlining ever since. Sleepyhead contributes a 2-step tropical club feel–and both are pretty heavy on the bass factor. According to Cervantes’ website, “Both Mimosa and Sleepyhead bring not only the maturity of seasoning with them, but also the sense of rhythm and innovation that is unique to each artist. This is no heavy hitting dance floor album full of banging club beats. It is deeper, more meaningful, dripping with class and soul; with layers of sound intertwining impeccably.”

The two artists are sure to send out some new material tomorrow, as they are celebrating the release their new album “Naked Poetry,” which will be available to the public on Friday. If you haven’t ever gotten a SexyTime fix, here’s an arousing little treat: a free download of the track “Lost in Translation” off the new album should get the juices flowing. See ya there.