Top 15 Finalists Announced In Indie 102.3 Local 303 Listener Poll

2021 was a strange year for music, to say the least. Following 2020 — a year almost entirely void of live shows and consequently, a lack of new releases from artists who couldn’t show off their new material on tour — the expectations for 2021 were difficult to pin down. It was a year stuck in limbo between normalcy and crisis. Despite dozens of canceled shows and tours, Denver remained one of the most sought-after musical destinations in the country. Red Rocks was the most attended venue in the world in 2021. But what really made Colorado stand out last year were the local artists who overcame adversity and released some of the best music Colorado has seen in recent years. 

303 Magazine and Indie 102.3 asked you who your favorite local artists were in 2021, and we listened. Here are the top 15 artists from the Local 303 2021 Listener Poll, chosen by you, the people of Colorado. The top three artists will be invited to perform at 303 Magazine and Indie 102.3’s 303 Day event on March 3rd at Number Thirty Eight. Thanks for helping these local artists shine!



Local 303 2021 Poll Top 15:

1 – Neoma

2 – N3ptune

3 – SF1

4 – Isabelle Fries

5 – The Mañanas

6 – LVDY

7 – Los Mocochetes

8 – Kiltro

9 – The Velveteers

10 – Wildermiss

11 – Mlady

12 – Grace Devine

13 – Katiria

14 – Flobots

15 – Blankslate

Amanda Piela, Wildermiss

Wildermiss. Photo by Amanda Piela.