DFW Model Workshop Takes On New Structure This Spring

Twice a year, when Denver Fashion Week comes around, aspiring models can attend a workshop led by Runway Producer Nikki Strickler.  Get your Denver Fashion Week Model Workshop ticket here

Get your Denver Fashion Week tickethere

Traditionally, this event is a lecture-based workshop about navigating the various avenues of modeling within the fashion industry. The workshop typically covers material about auditions and ends with an interactive opportunity for attendees to walk the runway — complete with personalized suggestions from Strickler. 

For Denver Fashion Week Spring ‘24, this workshop will look a little different.

This year, some members of the DFW team will give a well-balanced lesson about everything it takes to be a model in the modern world beyond the runway.

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While it will still include Strickler’s hands-on runway lesson to achieve the perfect confident walk, attendees will also get insight and advice from different industry professionals, including lectures from Denver Fashion Week’s Creative Director David Rossa and Social Media Manager, Fashion Editor and DFW Co-Producer, Lauren Lippert.

Rossa and Lippert will assist Strickler in providing attendees with the best practices for runway modeling, how to be prepared for castings and auditions, how to use social media as a tool to boost modeling careers, and tips and tricks on photoshoots and portfolios. 

The decision to pivot the workshop’s structure comes after years of experience.

Having been involved in Denver Fashion Week since 2013, Strickler is highly familiar with how the workshop has historically been run. With the workshop’s new structure, she hopes to provide aspiring models with a well-balanced approach to all modeling facets — all of whom will leave with real, practical tips on successfully managing a career in the industry.

As such, Strickler wants to provide a productive experience for every attendee — even if they’ve attended the workshop before. 

“I have my go-to beginner model tips that I think everyone should know when they first step foot into the fashion industry, but I think it’s important to offer differently structured content so the class can continue to be a learning experience for models who want to take the workshop more than once,” Strickler said. “These changes will keep it interesting for returning models, while still being helpful to those joining us for the first time.”

With a long history with Denver Fashion Week, Strickler is uniquely qualified to run the DFW workshop. Now the event’s Runway Producer, Strickler has been with the DFW team since it was just a weekend-long event.

In 2013, Strickler booked her very first modeling job with Denver Fashion Week. After modeling in LA for a few years, she moved back to Denver and began working as the Model Coordinator for four seasons before stepping up as Runway Producer.

Now, Strickler uses her modeling expertise and insider knowledge about Denver Fashion Week to help other models succeed in Denver and the larger fashion industry.

“Denver Fashion Week is a show that has always been near and dear to my heart. I truly believe my love for the fashion industry was planted when I began modeling in DFW,” Strickler shared. “It’s been an honor to get to contribute to the Denver fashion scene. I think it’s my calling to guide aspiring models and creatives through this industry.”

And she’s not alone in this venture: for the spring’s model workshop, she’s teaming up with two of DFW’s most key players for a well-rounded lecture on every aspect of modern modeling. 

Photo courtesy of David Rossa

Rossa is often behind the scenes as a photographer and videographer, curating the visuals for Denver Fashion Week such as the video scene before every show, curating the promo shoot and crafting the flyer seen on the seats of everyone’s chairs.  

His expertise in conducting major fashion campaigns and his years of experience make him the perfect candidate for teaching models the ins and outs of photoshoots.

During the workshop, Rossa will be provide best practices for posing at shoots and general photoshoot etiquette, as well as specifics for creating a portfolio. His behind-the-scenes insights will equip aspiring models with the know-how and confidence to participate in large or small scale shoots.

Photo by David Rossa, Lippert fifth from the left

In addition to being 303 Magazine’s Fashion Editor and DFW’s co-producer, Lippert also runs the magazine and Fashion Week’s social media. Because of this, she has seen every side of the bi-annual fashion event and can apply that to creating social media content.

From crafting Instagram REELS to live filming each runway segment, Lippert’s understanding of social media goes beyond traditional posts. During the workshop, she will apply this knowledge by explaining how models can utilize social media to create a cohesive brand and maintain a living portfolio of work. She’ll also recommend apps and features to use as tools to help.

Together, Lippert, Rossa and Stricker will provide a workshop that delves into the intricacies of not only modeling but the fashion industry as a whole. With their combined wealth of knowledge, the workshop attendees will have the opportunity to learn from all angles — something that Strickler emphasizes is the key to success in the industry. 

“Education is key to being successful at anything. The DFW workshop is the perfect place for anyone to learn,” Strickler said. “From experienced models who want to come work on their craft, to someone who’s never modeled a day in their life that just wants to try something new — I can assure that it will be a positive, fun experience.”

The DFW Spring Model Industry Workshop will take place Monday, May 13 at 6 p.m. Location TBA. Tickets can be purchased here.

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