Lucy Daydream

The Curious Case of Lucy Daydream

Who is Lucy Daydream, you ask? You may have stumbled across the ads on social media — the psychedelic dripping wigged styrofoam heads, their icy cover of Post Malone's "Go Flex" or perhaps the Napoleon Dynamite...
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You Tubin’: Danielle Ate the Sandwich

  Danielle ate the pineapple upside-down cake Danielle Anderson is a cyberspace star. Without YouTube, Anderson would be drinking coffee. In a coffee shop. Awaiting her turn at the mic. Instead she ...
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Boob Tubin’: America’s Got Talent

If you perused my debut blog for 303, “Musical Resolutions” (or if we're virtual friends on Facecrack or Myspazz), you're aware that America's Got Talent has been cyber-stalking me. To recap briefly, a Casting Director somehow found me on Myspazz and asked me to submit for consideration. I submitted an application and several YouTube clips in December and awaited their verdict.