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If you perused my debut blog for 303, “Musical Resolutions” (or if we’re virtual acquaintances on Facecrack or MySpazz), you’re aware that America’s Got Talent has been cyber-stalking me. To recap, a casting director somehow found me on MySpazz and asked me to submit for consideration. I fired them an application and several YouTube clips in December and awaited the verdict.

They apparently dig my submissions but auditioning in the flesh is always preferable, so I started contemplating which audition city was the most doable (Denver isn’t on their itinerary yet). L.A. was uber-tempting, as it coincided with my friend Suze Q’s b-day. I might’ve had to fly solo on the drive out, though, as it was too last minute to score reasonably-priced MHC passes. Plus, DJ Ishe and I needed to get in the studio and twiddle some knobs in preparation for our upcoming gig in Lincoln, Nebraska. Portland was a possibility as well, as I’ve never been before and am dying to rectify that. Dallas is the closest city on their confirmed itinerary, though. Also, my sister is currently studying prosthodontics in San Antonio.

I decided to book a flight to Dallas. Everything is bigger in Texas, right? The Prince of Darkness’ better half won’t necessarily be there, and neither will Spongebob’s David Hasselhoff, but I’m still super amped.

What am I gonna do? Stay tuned in to find out;)