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Boob Tubin’: Denver’s Got Talent

As some of you know, I auditioned for America's Got Talent this year. Although singing and playing guitar on Power Risers—pogo stilts in layman's terms—impressed many who witnessed it, I did not advance to the televised competition. C'est la vie. There's always next year. I'm not quitting the entertainment business—ever. Turns out I wasn't the only Denver performer who tried out, though. If you caught last night's episode, you probably witnessed “belly dancing best friends” Kaya and Sadie. While each is exotic in her own right, both women reside right here in our own backyard.
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Boob Tubin’: Daily Show Gets “Mile High”

Adam Arete had a dream. The Denver music producer's fantasy might not have been on par with Martin Luther King's, but it was certainly within reach. Arete was prescribed sunglasses in eighth grade to curb chronic migraines, but “sticky icky” does the trick these days. When he stumbled into Suite 420 of a converted warehouse—the site of a medical marijuana dispensary called The Apothecary—recently, wearing a Velcro City Records hoodie and his now trademark dark shades (not exactly an old lady with glaucoma), he immediately recognized Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones.

Boob Tubin’: Glee Auditions

There's a little show called Glee on Fox. You may have heard of it. It's about a high school glee club. It comes on Tuesday nights after American Idle. Since the end of March, Myspazz has been hosting a nationwide cattle call in search of new talent. Fans of the show or “Gleeks” submitted a veritable avalanche of video auditions. Mine was among them.

Boob Tubin’: America’s Got Talent

If you perused my debut blog for 303, “Musical Resolutions” (or if we're virtual friends on Facecrack or Myspazz), you're aware that America's Got Talent has been cyber-stalking me. To recap briefly, a Casting Director somehow found me on Myspazz and asked me to submit for consideration. I submitted an application and several YouTube clips in December and awaited their verdict.