Tom’s Watch Bar Brings a Stadium Screen, Top Golf and The First AC Golden Tank Room to LoDo

McGregor Square continues to grow as it adds another concept to the plaza. This mini-metropolis located right across the street from Coors Field holds a hotel, a few restaurants a new Tattered Cover Bookstore and more. While all the bases may seem covered, the new development would be amiss if it didn’t have an epic sports bar.

A glimpse inside the new Tom’s Watch Bar and you’ll know it goes beyond a casual watering hole. It houses the pregame meal and the post-game celebration, like many other bars that surround stadiums, but here you’ll have a better view than most seats at any game. Tom’s boast an IMAX-style experience  with a central “stadium” screen, 360 viewing with 155 tv screens and individual audio at each table.

Tv set feature multiple games at the same time. Photo by Haley Paez

As the official bar of the Colorado Rockies, it’s no surprise they are going to show pride for the purple and black, but their loyalty to all sports comes through with side screens showing matches of soccer, football, hockey, and even obscure sports for those straying from the status quo. They stream collegiate, professional, international and special venue games, so hardly ever is one missed. They constantly update their website and social media to keep fans aware of which games are playing that day and when. Guests can also make requests for sports they want to watch when stopping by.

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As the pandemic has waned and sports begin to resume, folks are excited to experience the thrills live action has to offer. Tom’s Watch Bar allows guests to take in “all sports, all the time” as Tom himself says. Even when a day is slow on matches, guests get to be the athlete instead in their swing suites, located on both the first and second floor. In conjunction with Top Golf, these simulators allow for perfecting one’s swing or a range of other sports. The simulation offers pk kicks in soccer to zombie dodgeball, depending on the type of night guests want to enjoy.

The interactiveness starts at each table with a bingo card for patrons to fill out alongside each Rockies’ game. In the future, they will add interactive betting as they have at other locations in LA and Las Vegas. All Rockies’ fans receive prizes on game day. A home run has servers running a specialty shot into everyone’s cocktail drink.

This two-story bar – with both their inside and outdoor seating – holds over 735 hungry fans waiting for the puck drop, first pitch or whistle to be blown. Their homage to stadium bites can be seen in much of the menu with wings and nachos lining the front page.

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The Deep Dish Nachos compete for being as big as the Chicago staple with layers of tri-colored chips, melted queso, dollops of both sour cream and guacamole. Instead of carnitas, Tom’s offers tender short rib or spiced adobo chicken to add to the pile.

Whether it’s Nashville Hot or sauced-up wings – potentially a combination of both – Tom’s Watch Bar caters to all chicken connoisseurs. The pickle brined fried chicken is not to be missed and is tender on the inside and perfectly crispy on the out.

Similar to the assortment of sports, their wing preparation and sauces are no different. Nashville hot chicken makes customers look like they are out on the pitch with drips of sweat coming down. The Jamaican jerk offers a unique spice blend rather than just heat, it’s rounded out with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove for a different type of warmth.

There’s more diversity coming from those interested in watching sports and Tom’s Watch Bar makes note of this by adding elements like ahi poke bowls and avocado toast to their repertoire.

AC Golden Tank Room. Photo by Haley Paez.

Fans can avoid tracking down a beer vendor at the stadium because Tom’s Watch boasts the very first ever AC Golden Tap Room from Molson Coors. Here you’ll get a fresh draft poured right from the copper tanks hanging above the bar. Expect AC Golden favorites like Colorado Native, as well as other beers such as Batch 19 and Barmen, to be on tap.

If an ice cold beer isn’t your thing, or you’re just looking for something stronger, here bartenders pour tall glasses filled with their specialty cocktails that equate to two and a half normal-sized drinks. Similar to the name, the Party Starter holds a ton of energy with a margarita and hibiscus base bumped up with Red Bull red edition. She’s My Niece replaces a piña colada on the menu with rum, coconut cream, and pineapple but they add grated nutmeg and acai liquor to transcend this typical beach drink. Tom’s Splash adds excitement by integrating lavender to rye whiskey, lemon and mint for a refreshing summer pick.

Tom’s interested in catering to the avid sports attendee but diversifies itself enough to invite many more to enjoy themselves, too. People can stop in for a nice afternoon lunch laid back on the outside patio or come ready to rumble for the next game.

Tom’s Watch Bar is open from 4 to 11 p.m. daily and will begin serving early Rockies’ home game days–at 11 a.m.