Adam Arete had a dream. The Denver-based music producer’s fantasy may not have been on par with Martin Luther King’s, but, on the other hand, it was well within reach. Arete was prescribed sunglasses in eighth grade to curb chronic migraines, but “sticky icky” does the trick these days. When he stumbled into Suite 420 of a converted warehouse, the site of a medical marijuana dispensary christened “The Apothecary” recently, wearing a Velcro City Records hoodie and his now trademark dark shades, he immediately recognized Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones. Turns out Jones was interviewing Apothecary owner Scott Durrah–not to mention licking Durrah’s wife–for an upcoming segment on Denver dispensaries. Arete attempted to go about business as usual, but he was giddy inside. He wanted nothing more than to kindly John Hancock a model release and get “roasted” comedically speaking–on national TV.

Arete could barely contain his urine when The Daily Show crew approached him. Although he spoke highly of Colorado’s growing cannabis community, he couldn’t wait for his words to be remixed by the show’s editors. The hoodie and sunglasses look should have made him an easy target. After all, he wasn’t exactly a glaucoma-stricken grandma.

“Gone to Pot” finally aired last night. 8 Rivers Cafe, a Jamaican joint also owned by Durrah, hosted a viewing party. Arete was there celebrating his “Dirty 30th” with wife Shannon–Lannie’s burlesque regular Lady Shanime, along with a relative or two and some buddies. “Gone to Pot” tells the story of mom and pop pot shop Delta 9 being threatened by “Big Pot”–larger dispensaries like Lotus Medical and The Apothecary.

Arete’s may have been a pipe dream (he ended up on the cutting room floor), but he’s got a dope story for the grand kids.

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