Velcro City Records

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Boob Tubin’: Daily Show Gets “Mile High”

Adam Arete had a dream. The Denver music producer's fantasy might not have been on par with Martin Luther King's, but it was certainly within reach. Arete was prescribed sunglasses in eighth grade to curb chronic migraines, but “sticky icky” does the trick these days. When he stumbled into Suite 420 of a converted warehouse—the site of a medical marijuana dispensary called The Apothecary—recently, wearing a Velcro City Records hoodie and his now trademark dark shades (not exactly an old lady with glaucoma), he immediately recognized Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones....
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Movin’ Units: Velcro City Records

Jason Schlosky has long had a thing for hooks and loops. Velcro City Records, the dance music label he founded with DJ Hero (no relation to the video game of the same name), benefits from nostalgia value associated with the patented “zipperless zipper” system invented by Swiss engineer George de Mestral. Hooks and loops, an idea de Mestral ganked from Mother Nature (burdock burrs, specifically), are the functional foundation for the popular textile technology. They play a similarly essential role in the creation of electronic music. Where would techno and its related electronica genres be without hooks and loops?...