Danielle ate the pineapple upside-down cake

Danielle Anderson is a cyberspace star. Without YouTube, Anderson would be drinking coffee. In a coffee shop. Awaiting her turn at the mic. Instead she is eating different sandwiches in different cities every day. In the three and a half years since her YouTube debut, Anderson has amassed three and a half million views. Shout outs are due to refrigerator friends. Earlier this summer, she parlayed that traffic into the number five slot on iTunes’ Singer/Songwriter chart. Two Bedroom Apartment, Anderson’s third album (but the first recorded outside her actual apartment), is a unique collection of ukulele tunes backed up–for the first time–by a full band. Some lyrics are sung from the perspective of convenience store wieners. Others are straight from the heart. Stereotypical YouTube users in the Denver area can gawk at the object of their cyber-stalking affection tomorrow night at The Gothic. She just might spin a yarn that was popularized on the web.