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DJ IQ: Nero

The original Nero wasn't exactly a hero. Although he may have been popular with the people, some historians believe the Roman emperor ordered his own mother murdered at one point. On the bright side, he apparently founded a festival--somewhat vainly called Neronia--featuring poetry, games and theater. The UK dubstep duo who commandeered his moniker several millennia later are appropriately slated to murder this Saturday's Love Festival in Colorado Springs....
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NocturnOwl: Kitty Kat Social @ Beauty Bar

Ladies nights have long been staples of nightclubs and bars. Get a hen party started and the men will follow. Getting said hen party started in the first place is the hard part. Martinis and manicures, a promotion NY-based Beauty Bar claims to have originated, works like a charm, though. Where else can a girl get her nails done while simultaneously getting hammered? Not many salons have liquor licenses, after all. Stiff cocktails and hand maintenance aren't the only things Denver's franchise has going for it either. Thursday's Kitty Kat Social is hosted by recent Westword “Best Non-Traditional DJ” award winner Ginger Perry....