Review — Two Door Cinema Club Grooves Out at Mission Ballroom

All photography by Kiddest Metaferia.

Mission Ballroom rode a wave of indie dance grooves on Saturday as Two Door Cinema Club took the stage with Day Wave as their opening act. The night was a blend of the nostalgic and the fresh as they moved through songs both old and new, making for a concert experience steeped in memory.

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Day Wave kicked off the evening, setting a mellow but engaging tone. Their set included their hit “Drag” and a cover of Interpol’s “PDA,” which captivated the early crowd and set the stage for what the rest of the night would hold. 

When Two Door Cinema Club hit the stage, it was clear they meant business. The Northern Irish trio wasted no time diving into a robust 20-something song setlist, opting to let their music do most of the talking. What they lacked in their stage presence and movement, they made up for by maintaining the consistent sound quality that could be heard in their albums. 

Their performance was marked by an unending stamina that electrified the venue from the pit to the rafters. With heads bobbing and shoulders shimmying, the audience’s collective response created a noticeable ripple of excitement throughout the massive venue. The band cleverly eased their fans into the performance with a selection of familiar favorites from their first three albums. Tracks like “This Is the Life,” “I Can Talk,” and “Something Good Can Work” brought a wave of nostalgia, instantly connecting with the crowd.

As the night progressed, they seamlessly transitioned into more recent but still older material, showcasing their musical evolution. Highlights of the night included “Sleep Alone,” “Wonderful Life,” and “Are We Ready? (Wreck),” each performed with a precision and enthusiasm that demonstrated the band’s dedication to their craft and their fanbase.

What’s a tour without new songs, though? The crowd was sufficiently warmed up and the band launched into their latest single, “Happy Customers,” as the audience hummed along, the lyrics not yet memorized.

“Talk,” “Satellite,” and “Come Back Home” further fueled the atmosphere, and the ever-moving crowd was ready for more. The crowd’s wishes were granted when the band played the songs that put them on the map, such as “Undercover Martyn” and “Cigarettes in the Theatre.” An orchestra of screams from the audience signaled their delight and uncontainable joy as song after beloved song rolled through them.

Despite their minimal banter, which amounted to less than five minutes throughout the entire performance, Two Door Cinema Club’s connection with the audience was undeniable. The band’s focus remained on delivering a flawless musical experience, which they achieved with flying colors. Their ability to reproduce their studio sound live, coupled with their audience approval, made for an unforgettable concert.

As they closed the night with the crowd favorite “What You Know,” the venue buzzed with ecstasy. Two Door Cinema Club’s performance at Mission Ballroom was a testament to their staying power and their ability to continually engage and excite their long-standing audience. The show was a dance-heavy celebration of indie music, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next visit to Denver.

All photography courtesy of Kiddest Metaferia

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