Review — Blondshell and Tiny Tomboy Remind Larimer Lounge of the Power of Music

Larimer Lounge stirred with giddy enthusiasm ahead of Wednesday night’s Blondeshell show featuring local up-and-comers Tiny Tomboy as openers. Charming exchanges were held between friends, photos were taken, and collective laughter flowed freely along with the drinks in the venue’s front room as anticipation for what the night would hold grew.

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Soon, Tiny Tomboy hit the stage for a set featuring their cutting new releases “Dead Dog” and “Disposable Vape.” They also hit older tracks in their discography, such as “Someone Else” from their 2022 album, Sunburn, and their first-ever release, “Midnight Launderette.” With each song played, the band ebbed and flowed with energy and tender moments that engaged the audience until the last note.

The chemistry between bandmates was undeniable, not only in how they confidently moved on stage but even more so in their flawless delivery stemming from their obviously collaborative nature. While lead singer Eliza Neiman-Golden spilled her heart out, both bassist Ethan Gould and drummer Sam Seymour backed her up with stirring harmonies. Each member had their own shining moments, allowing the audience to better understand their personalities and how cohesively they melded together as a group. The band’s charisma and sincerity make them a proud representation of Denver’s thriving music scene.

After what felt like only minutes after Tiny Tomboy left the stage, the lights went out and Sabrina Teitelbaum of Blondshell and her band took the stage. From the jump, Teitelbaum’s stage presence spoke the same language as the music that warranted the sold-out show: authentic and forthright with a comedic flair. 

Opening with “Veronica Mars” before moving into “Cartoon Earthquake” and “Sepsis,” it was clear from the first three songs that Blondshell had something to offer for every level of fan. The band went on to play hits off of Teitelbaum’s 2023 album Blondshell, such as “Olympus,” as well as her most recent single, “Docket.” Other songs, including “Street Rat,” made appearances, as did a surprise cover of Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon.”

Teitelbaum seemed relaxed yet delighted on stage, as if she were playing to a room full of old friends. She carried a coolness that only comes from true authenticity and self-assuredness, two qualities that make her music so captivating. Teitelbaum connected with the audience effortlessly, which speaks volumes to her abilities as both a songwriter and performer. 

The audience was made up of a wide range of people, from young couples to friends in their 60s and even kids who appeared to be under the age of 15. One kid who couldn’t have been over 16 or so sang along to every word of every song and was even brought to tears at one point. There’s an evident rawness in Blondeshell’s recorded music that allows people to relate and find solace, but witnessing the effect those songs have on people in real-time served as a reminder of the power music possesses.  

Blondshell wrapped up the night with the catchy yet commanding ballad “Kiss City” before exiting the stage and pretending for a brief moment they wouldn’t return for one last song. But alas, the band returned in minutes with the dramatic revenge fantasy “Salad,” a perfect cinematic ending to an uplifting night of music.

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