Saturday 7/9 @ 2200

Pink Mammoth is trying to get back to Black Rock Desert. As many Coloradans already know, Black Rock is the Northern Nevada site of Burning Man. And Pink Mammoth hosts some of the best day parties on God’s green Earth—even though Black Rock is technically one of the least green places on the planet. In fact, not a single plant is capable of growing in the desert’s highly alkaline dust, yet an entire city sprouts up out of nowhere every August. Pink Mammoth slings (mostly) free drinks and drops beats. Someone has to foot the bill for all that booze, though, not to mention the generator necessary to power turntables and such. Thus, the fundraiser this Saturday at 2200 (821 22nd Street). The lineup is a veritable who’s who of Burner DJs, from recent Westword award winner Ishe and his sister from another mother Mle to Nutmeg and Milk (sounds tasty). The last one in May went off with flying colors.

Don’t let Pink Mammoth end up in the red.