Smashin’ Balls

Now that I have your attention with the title of this blog, let me tell you what I did on Tuesday night—I played ping-pong. (Probably not what you were thinking, huh? Sorry to disappoint you.) And every time I think about ping-pong ball, I can’t help but to remember the movie “Forrest Gump.” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then please click here.)

I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve never been to any events at the Exdo Event Center before, and it was definitely something I’ve never tried. But I figured, why not? It sounded like fun, and who knows, maybe I might discover a talent I never knew I had.

Well, that wasn’t the case. Let me just say, this game is a lot harder than it looks. And I really did “play my balls off,” (right off the table, several times, and so did everyone else). I wasn’t the only “rookie” there, and it was an awesome environment to be in because everyone was having a great time.

And when I wasn’t playing ping-pong, I was taking pictures and socializing. At first, it seemed like I had a ton of ground to cover—because this place is huge (22,000 square feet), and there wasn’t a single table available. Everybody was more than willing to have their picture taken at the grand opening of “SMASH! at Exdo.”

What is “SMASH! at Exdo?” Please allow me to fill you in.

“SMASH! at Exdo” is the name of a weekly ping-pong party that will be held at the Exdo Event Center every Tuesday night. And you certainly don’t have to worry about being inexperienced, I wasn’t, and I had a great time. Of course, there were a few people there who actually played at a professional level, but they didn’t seem to mind sharing their passion in the name of fun.

And there wasn’t just one specific type of person there, all kinds of versatility was present. I saw a few men in suits, women, couples, and groups of people—all “hittin some balls” on a Tuesday night.

I would do it again, how about you?

You can follow this link to SMASH! for more details.

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