75 Date Ideas Perfect For Coloradans

In a state like Colorado where date nights tend to be as adventurous as its residents, there really are no limits to acceptable ideas for your next date. If you and your partner like to keep things interesting by trying things that are out of your comfort zone, perhaps the trapeze class or the ghost tour will draw your attention. Going on a first date and want to keep things light and fun? The line dancing class or the Denver Bike Tour might be more your speed. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find a few ideas here that spark your curiosity.

To ensure that you never get bored, we have rounded up 75 of our favorite date ideas. So get to planning and be sure to let us know your favorites!

Note: list might be intermittently updated for accuracy and timeliness. 

      1. Have dinner on a train
      2. Explore Colorado on an ATV
      3. Visit the Chamberlin Observatory
      4. Go on the Denver Ghost Tour
      5. Go surfing (indoors or outdoors)
      6. Try line dancing at the Grizzly Rose
      7.  Try indoor skiing or snowboarding 
      8. Have happy hour with an incredible view at the Peaks Lounge
      9.  Adventure to hidden hot springs
      10. Try a marijuana and painting class 
        Photo courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs.

        Photo courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs.

        Snobahn Indoor Skiing. Photo courtesy of Snobahn.

        Snobahn Indoor Skiing. Photo courtesy of Snobahn.

      11. Try a flotation tank 
      12. Plan a progressive dinner at five different restaurants
      13. Get some exercise with a Denver bike tour
      14. Get high with a trapeze experience
      15. Cheer for a Colorado team at a home game
      16. Do a self-guided brewery tour
      17.  Do a round of BINGO at Grandma’s House Brewery
      18. Play arcade games at 1Up 
      19. See a drive-in movie

        VoiceBox Lucy Beaugard-26

        VoiceBox Karaoke photo by Lucy Beaugard.


        Dress up and attend a concert like John and Ming. Photo by Danielle Webster for 303 Magazine.

      20. Explore one of “Colorado’s Hidden Gems”
      21. Try a whiskey tasting or distillery tour at a local distillery
      22. Solve the mystery at a Denver escape room
      23. Go for a full moon hike or wildflower hike
      24.  Do a zip line tour of the Royal Gorge
      25. Sing karaoke at Voicebox RiNo
        Via Ferrata. Photos by Brittany Werges

        Telluride’s via Ferrata. Photos by Brittany Werges

      26. Take a photography class
      27. Pick a random concert and go 
      28. Take an indoor climbing class (or try tree climbing)
      29. Get a couple’s spa treatment
      30. Get dessert at Rioja
      31. Grab dinner from a food truck at Food Truck Row
      32. Attend a themed roller skate party at Roll Denver
      33. Play childhood board games either at home, at a brewery or here.
      34. Volunteer to walk a dog from a local shelter
      35. Go on the “Ultimate Colorado Road Trip
      36. Stargaze away from the light pollution of the city
      37. Try a Downtown scavenger hunt
      38. Learn to DJ at Global DJ academy
      39. Do a chocolate making class
      40. Have a dinner and drinks at Denver’s oldest bar
      41. Go to a mountain theater production
        date night

        Fly high on a trapeze with

        Cooper Lounge photos by Roman Tafoya.

        Cooper Lounge photos by Roman Tafoya.

      42. Sip on a fancy cocktail at Cooper Lounge
      43. Plan a classic Colorado staycation
      44. Try stand-up paddleboarding 
      45. Attend a cabaret or burlesque show
      46. Try trivia night
      47. Try an at-home cooking class or go here
      48. Take an adventurous trip to a mountain town
      49. Take a tour of the Colorado State Capital
      50. Check out a local gallery
      51. Take a scooter tour of Denver
      52. Enjoy a wine tasting flight
      53. Attempt a hot air balloon ride
      54. See a psychic together
        Try a progressive dinner or eat somewhere new. Photo by Lucy Beaugard for 303 Magazine.

        Try a progressive dinner or eat somewhere new. Photo by Lucy Beaugard for 303 Magazine.

        Denver beer

        Denver Beer Festivus. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

      55. Try a mixology class
      56. Take a pottery class
      57. Attend a food or beer festival
      58. Try a new workout class together or do a couple’s workout at home
      59. Go fishing
      60. Attend a book reading
      61.  Take a picnic to a local park
      62. Try a romantic horse & carriage ride
      63. Fly a kite in a local park
      64. Go skydiving
      65. Visit a museum
      66. Learn outdoor survival skills
      67. Try letterboxing 
      68. Read out loud to each other in bed
      69. Take stuffed animals to the Children’s Hospital
      70. Watch one of the funniest movies ever made
      71. Spend an evening at Top Golf
      72. Go shopping and pick out an outfit for each other (try a thrift store for a budget-friendly option)
      73. Recreate your very first date together
      74. Have a full-service meal while watching a movie at Alamo Drafthouse
      75. Have a stranger plan your date
        Photo by Eric Goita for 303 Magazine.

        Try a couple’s workout. Photo by Eric Goita for 303 Magazine.

        Editor’s Note: A 303 Magazine editor works for SNÖBAHN as a freelance consultant.