As residents of a landlocked state, most of us Coloradans have given up on our dreams of learning to surf—and our hopes of attaining a lean cut surfer’s bod. Insert the latest fitness craze City Surf Fitness that is making waves across Denver (pun intended). This unique studio features four different classes that include balance, yoga, barre, Pilates, weight resistance training and cardio techniques.


Photo by Kim Baker

Located in LoHi, this new studio will make you feel like you stepped into a building off of Huntington Beach. With brightly lit windows and nautical-inspired decor, the studio sets the perfect atmosphere for the workout. Most of the class takes place on the individual stability surfboards, with other recognizable equipment. Instructors lead the different 50-minute classes with enthusiasm and encouragement.


Photo by Kim Baker

“One of the best things about the atmosphere of a class is the joy in the absurdity” said studio owner Keith Plum. “No one in Colorado has done anything like this before, everyone can laugh and enjoy the fact that they are all experiencing something new together.”

As a native to the mile high who has never stepped foot onto a surfboard,  I can attest to the unique challenges posed to this workout. But Plum instructed us with patience and encouragement. Just like learning to snowboard in the mountains, the first time I tried to stand up on the board, I nearly fell on my face, but after a few tries and modifications,  I was able to get the hang of it. I left feeling thoroughly sweaty and accomplished.

Pro tip: if you are tall (like me) grab a board that’s on the left side of the room.

Unsure which class to take? Here are brief descriptions of the featured classes:

Cardio-based class designed to make you sweat and burn calories.

Strength-inspired class featuring resistance bands and sand bells. Great for toning and muscle development.

Spin on yoga – a vinyasa flow on the surfboards.

The signature class featuring surf-inspired movements utilizing surfer specific muscle groups.

Well rounded cardio, balance and strength class broken into 30 second stations.

Barre focused on refined muscle movement and utilization, great for toning and posture.

Format focused on core. Including: 10 minutes of fat-burning cardio, 30 minutes of core work, and 10 minutes of stretching.

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So whether you want to ‘hang ten’ or just lose 10, City Surf may be the perfect fit for you. 

City Surf Fitness
2525 15th Street, Suite 1D
On Classpass: Yes
To reserve classes or for more info click here