Working out solo is about as exciting as it sounds. Studies show that couples who go to the gym together only have a 6.3% dropout rate as opposed to those who workout separately having a 43% dropout rate. Why? 

Working out with a partner can increase your motivation not only to get into the gym but push you while there. Getting your sweat on with your significant other is a great way to bond while shedding some extra pounds accumulated from those Netflix and froyo dates.

303 designed 7 workouts to do with your partner. So grab your boyfriend, wife, FWB or Tinder crush and drop it like a squat.


Meet your trainers: Holly Osborn and Maurice Manley
Photography by: Eric Goita
Featured gym: Vital Strength and Fitness (800 Lincoln Street)

1. Fitness Foreplay
(aka stretching)


If gazing at your significant other does not quite get your blood pumping you should (aside from getting a new significant other) help each other get moving.

Instructions: Both partners sit on the ground and place legs spread eagle across from each other. Grab each other’s hands and take turns gently pulling each other back and forth, hold for 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times each way (targets: groin and hamstrings).

Trainer tip: let the partner with the most flexibility place their legs on the outside of the position.

2. Drop It Like A Squat


Remember those terrifying trust exercises you had to do at summer camp as a kid? This is not as scary but is the same concept –you have to work together to get it right. The good thing? If you are feeling fatigued you have your partner to lean on, literally.

Instructions: Partners stand back to back with a medium-sized stability ball in between the small of their backs. Place legs slightly further than waist distance apart. Have one partner be in charge of leading the exercise. Count to three, and both partners squat to a 90 degree angle together. It may take a few times to get it right, but with some teamwork you will quickly be in sync. Repeat x3 sets of 15 (targets: thighs and gluts) 

Trainer tip: if you and your partner are significantly different heights this one can be difficult. Have the shorter partner stand on a small box or bosu ball for an even bigger challenge.

3. All About That Bass


Because at 303 we are all about the bass, bout that bass, no treble.

Instructions: Find an open wall and have one partner perform a traditional wall sit (back flat against the wall sitting at a 90 degree angle). Partner #2 will place their hands on wall partner’s knees, also sitting in a squat position. While wall partner is stationary the other performs shoulder dips. See how many you can do in one minute and then switch spots (targets: gluts, thighs, biceps and triceps).

Trainer tip: make sure the dipping partner’s hands are on squatting partners knees and not thighs to avoid strain and injury.

4. The Colorado Core Climber


With the winter season fast approaching it can be hard to find the motivation to stay in bikini-weather shape, but winter sports like skiing and snowboarding take a solid amount of core strength that cannot be ignored.

Instructions: have one partner stand straight up while the other lies on their back with their feet on the standing partners core. The standing partner tightens their core to provide stability and outstretches their arms towards lying partner. Lying partner uses their core strength to pull them up to touch their partner’s hands. Do 50 reps (can break into as many sets as desired) and then switch spots (targets: abdominals).

Trainer Challenge: Make it a competition. Whoever can do the most reps (without compromising form) gets to pick your next date night spot.

 5. Heart Breakers Gonna Break-Break-Break-Break-Break (A Sweat)


Shake off (pun intended) those guilty feelings about indulging in dessert your last date night with this one.

Instructions: Grab a resistance band and have one partner kneel on the ground while holding the band (with slightly bent elbows) wider than shoulder width apart. Have the standing partner get into a half-squatting position with one side of the band in each hand. Standing partner performs bicep curls while the other partner uses their muscles to stabilize the band, it is a killer arm workout for both of you. Do 2 sets x15 reps (targets: biceps and trapezius muscles).

6. Swollemate Swap


No we do not mean swap your swollemate…unless you are into that sort of thing?

Instructions: Grab a medicine ball that both of you are comfortable lifting. Have both partners sit across from each other with feet hip width apart. Take turns passing the medicine ball back and forth, whoever has it brings it to their chest and does a sit up. Have each partner do 30 reps total (targets: abdominals and lumbar muscles).

Make it mushy gushy: Want to exercise your relationship along with your muscles? Make a rule that you have to give your partner a compliment before they do a rep. The more nice things you have to say — the more your partner has to feel the burn.

Once you’ve said a few nice thing to each other you will be in the mood for this last one…WARNING: it is #NSFTG

7. Fornicating Fitness


Insert lyrics from Olivia Newton John’s “Physical.” Because sometimes there’s really nothing left to talk about, unless it’s horizontally.  Sex burns 144 calories per half-hour — it bumps up your heart rate and uses various muscles. Use those newly worked muscles and hit the locker room.

Instructions: Yeah,  I’m not getting paid enough for that. You know what to do, you filthy animals…