What is usually the most expensive piece of workout apparel you own?

If you answered your shoes, you would be like most active individuals.  But is it correct to invest over $100 in this item when your body’s physiology is optimized when you train barefoot?

The team at FIIT Werx believe “wearing supportive shoes while exercising is like wearing a cast while you exercise.  We train barefoot to improve posture, balance and provide a healthier body from the ground up.”  I will admit that this was the intriguing part of why I decided to try this facility out.  I have taken my shoes off for years while squatting and deadlifting because I wanted to “feel the ground” and not be imbalanced from the air pockets or shocks that athletic apparel companies use in their workout shoes.  These facts still didn’t fully take away the thought that this was a bit weird to exercise totally barefoot.

User-Tiles1-300x224The FIIT Werx team was the first facility in Denver to utilize the MYZONE physical activity monitor.  This system tracks an individual’s heart rate and projects this metric on the wall of the gym so the individual (and trainer) can see how hard they are pushing compared to a baseline.  This is using social pressure at its best.  I believe social pressure always pushes you to work harder at something so this tool is a huge help with exercise.

The method at FIIT Werx is to employ small group workouts consisting of 10-15 stations where you perform a 60 second interval of a movement.  This is followed by a 30 second interval of active recovery.  The full intensity interval training (what FIIT stands for) changes each day from a “push” day consisting of movements initiating chest, shoulders, and triceps and a “pull” day consisting of movements initiating back and biceps.  Each of these movements also include leg and core work.

The movements are geared around the school of thought called “functional training.”  This is a style that conditions your body to function correctly during day-to-day activities, whether that means lifting your kids, chopping wood or carrying a laundry basket up a set of stairs.  Add in the unique equipment that FIIT Werx has and you are set for a legit workout.  For an added bonus (not that you need it), FIIT Werx usually keeps their facility at over 80 degrees to make you sweat.

During the week, I realized early on that the owners of the gym really took an interest in their clients.  They knew everyone’s names, what they were doing the evening before, and updates injuries that might be nursing.  The culture was very friendly and felt more like a team than a group of people just working out as individuals.  The gym owners are also the head trainers so you get personalized attention from the masterminds of the facility.  This also helps with consistently driving you to your results and goals.  Since you aren’t working with multiple trainers a week, they know your body’s strengths and weaknesses to cater movement variations.

FIIT Werx is located on 21st Street and Market Street in the Ballpark District.