Goin’ to Coachella?

Then you're awesome. Some of you are probably excited to see a certain band, or a handful of them. Maybe you don't know that many. Well, that's the beauty of Coachella: there's something for everyone, no mat...

Rhyme Horizon: Spank Rock

Hip hop makes my hips shake. Although I can't get enough of it on the dance floor, I won't pretend to be a genre connoisseur. Still, Spank Rock's been on my radar for a minute. Santigold earworm “Shove It” ...
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Festival Window: Savoy

Aurally, Boulder-based Savoy could pass for an adept electro DJ deftly blending others' cuts together. The truth? Savoy is erecting all their bangers from scratch—barring a few borrowed samples—and discharging them live via three-piece PA. It's a savvy formula that's caught on like the brush fire that destroyed a portion of my southeast plains hometown. Destruction is definitely an ingredient in Savoy's live recipe, where decimating decibels keep attendees in a perpetually perspiring frenzy.