Aurally, Boulder-based Savoy could pass for an adept electro DJ deftly blending others’ cuts together. The truth? Savoy erects all their bangers from scratch, barring a few borrowed samples, and discharges them live via three-piece PA. It’s a savvy formula that’s caught on like the brush fire that destroyed a portion of my southeast plains hometown. Destruction is certainly an ingredient in Savoy’s performance recipe–decimating decibels keep attendees in a perpetually perspiring frenzy. Their demographic definitely skews young, but young people have long been the biggest patrons of music. True, kids don’t buy as much as they supposedly pirate these days, but the Savoy boys have embraced this paradigm from the get-go, following in Pretty Lights’ footsteps and giving it up for free online. From rocking house parties to co-headlining day one of Red Rocks’ Global Dance Fest this Friday, the electronica trio’s ascent has been so swift it’s a small miracle they don’t have the bends.

As if scoring the coveted Global booking wasn’t impressive enough, Savoy was one of only three Colorado music acts at last month’s record-breaking Electric Daisy Carnival in LA. They’re slated to play another similarly massive event “New York’s Electric Zoo” in September. That’s two-thirds of “America’s biggest dance parties” as designated by a recent issue of Rolling Stone (number three has since been canceled). No small feat, by any stretch of the imagination. Nothing for Nothing, a digital EP released yesterday to coincide with this Friday’s career milestone (boasting re-rubs of Dire Straits, No Doubt and Santigold), is guaranteed to end up on a grip of hard drives. Day one of Global’s already sold out, but Nothing will instantly transform your car or living room into a bona fide, make-believe rave.