Black History Month Playlist

As February rolls around again, it signals another Black History Month to celebrate, but now more than ever is its celebration important. 2016 was a year full of racially motivated attacks by white of...

Top 10 Christmas Songs You Might Not Hate

I've always had a cynical spot in my heart for Christmas music. Whether it's uber-cheerful and hokey or explosive and orchestral, Christmas songs have always bugged me on a deeply emotional level. Perhaps it's ...
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Aural Pleasure: Janelle Monáe

Metropolis is in trouble. A secret society known as The Great Divide is using time travel to suppress freedom and love among its citizens. Thankfully, heroic ArchAndroid Cindi Mayweather is here to save the day. If this all sounds like the plot of a science fiction flick, that's because it's inspired by the godfather of science fiction flicks, Fritz Lang's Metropolis.
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Aural Pleasure: Kraddy

Glitch Mob, a collective of California producers he has since parted ways with, was largely responsible for the popularization of a cutting-edge hybrid of electronica and hip hop called “glitch hop”. Glitch refers to the producers’ propensity for intentional glitches or “stutter edits”.