Randy Rochford: A DFW Male Model of The Year Nominee

Photo by Logan Leeper

Randy Rochford is a model, actor, and dancer from Greeley, Colorado. He is known for his dramatic modeling, as he poses and struts with a grand sense of theater. 

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This unique style led to Rochford receiving a nomination as Denver Fashion Week’s (DFW) Male Model of The Year. The model has been in the industry for over seven years and has been through a series of ups and downs. 

Rochford’s love of fashion was inspired by many different sources but he credits his mom for introducing it to him first. 

“I would often watch my mom confidently and gently apply drugstore-quality makeup on her face from beginning to end,” he said. “I think my favorite part of her process was when she applied her favorite colored lipstick and when she would use her eyelash curler. To me, it was probably more of a monocle, but I didn’t know what that was either at my age.” 

Rochford would wait until his mother left their home, and rummage through her makeup and wardrobe, styling himself in a way he never had before — this made him feel connected to his mother than ever before. He kept this up until his mother caught him.

“She was not happy,” Rochford said. “She wasn’t upset at the fact I was wearing her clothes or looked like a crazy cute clown with her makeup on. It was her knowing I had used large portions of her makeup and ate her flavored lip smackers.”

Though playing with makeup at a young age sparked his interest, he credits his personal style today to a variety of T.V. shows, movies and artists.

Some of which include the classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Bride of Chucky” where he loved the corseted outfits paired with tall heels. Rochford also credits the popular shows “America’s Next Top Model,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Glee,” “American Horror Story,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and, of course, Lady Gaga. 

Photo by Jonny Creative

Since becoming a model and developing his love of fashion, Rochford continuously puts all of his efforts into improving his skills. 

He watches countless hours of runway footage and looks for models who stand out to him. Then, he analyzes how their style changes from show to show and adapts this to his own work where he transforms himself to fit the style of the designer he is walks for. 

The model also practices his walk for hours by putting on his headphones, tuning out the world and focusing on his form. Rochford attended the Coco Rocha Model Camp, ran by the iconic supermodel Coco Rocha who trained him herself. 

At the camp, he learned how to express more emotion, move with the clothing and change himself based on the expectations of the shoot — this is also something Rocha is known for in her own modeling career.

Photo by Nikki Breslin

Most recently, he has been nominated as DFW’s Male Model of the Year.

“I was honestly lost for words once I received and read the tagged notification on Instagram stating that I had been nominated,” Rochford said. “I can’t tell you how grateful and honored I am to be recognized out of the vast community of talented models here in Colorado.” 

Rochford gained the attention of DFW with his sense of uniqueness on the runway. He possesses the charm of a 90’s supermodel, but with a modern twist. He has a grand sense of emotion and presence on the runway and can create a sense of theater out of a 45-second walk

In the DFW fall’23 season, Rochford has walked for MARGINAL and ReglowThis season see Rochford on the runway two nights of the season — Streetwear on May 14 for designer Douleur and on Bridal, May 16, for Moškem Menswear.

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He said that walking for DFW is like a second home to him. 

“Every time I show up on set for DFW, it feels like a timeless embrace and/or reunion due to the experiences, stories, and laughter we’ve shared amongst our current and newfound fashion family in Colorado,” he said. 

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