The 4th Annual Arapahoe County Chalk Lines & Vines Event

Photo courtesy of Arapahoe County Fair & Event Center on Facebook
Photo From Last Year’s Event Courtesy of Arapahoe County Fair & Event Center via Facebook

Where: 25690 E. Quincy Avenue, Aurora, CO

When: May 18th and 19th

Before you book that flight to Napa, CA, did you know that Colorado has a growing local wine industry? According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s 2023-24 Performance Plan, there are approximately 160 licensed wineries operating in Colorado. In his article written for the Colorado Business Review, Doug Caskey (n.d.) shared that Colorado’s wine history dates back to 1890 with the Colorado Governor, George A. Crawford, planting 60 acres of grapes on Rapid Creek.

This may be old news to you, especially if you are a frequent attendee of the Colorado Wine Festival, which takes place closer to communities nestled in the mountains – or the Denver Food and Wine Festival, a great, casual and fun introduction pairing wine with food. However, if you do not want to wait until the Fall to discover and learn more about the wineries here in Colorado, the Arapahoe County Fair and Event Center team has you covered. The Arapahoe County Chalk Lines and Vines Event is taking place May 18th and 19th, which celebrates local art and culture whilst enjoying some of the best wine Colorado has to offer.

303 Magazine had the privilege of connecting with Arapahoe County Event and Business Development Supervisor, Lexy Kingsbaker, who coordinates the event to learn more about how it came about, as well as what the community can expect when they attend.

303 Magazine: Tell us about how the Chalk Lines & Vines event came about. What was the inspiration behind the creation of this cultural event? 

Lexy: Chalk Lines and Vines was inspired by a desire to promote and showcase local artists and wineries. By bringing together artists, wine enthusiasts, and community members in a convivial atmosphere, Chalk Lines and Vines celebrates the intersection of creativity, culture, and community. It is an opportunity to create a unique event experience that engages multiple senses and celebrates local talent.

303: How do wine and art combine to create a vibrant atmosphere at the event? 

Lexy: Wine tasting and art appreciation are both sensory experiences. As guests sample different wines, they not only savor the flavors but also consider the aromas, textures, and even the sound of the wine being poured into the glass. Similarly, viewing art involves more than just looking—it involves observing details, noticing textures, and sometimes even hearing the artist’s narrative or background music. This multisensory stimulation creates a rich and immersive experience for attendees.

303: Can you share some exciting activities and vendors visitors can look forward to at the event? 

Lexy: Visitors can expect the following, which are all included with the price of admission:

  • Souvenir wine glass and tote
  • Honey Smoked Salmon Stacker (smoked salmon and crackers snack box)
  • Wine samples, featuring 15+ Colorado wineries
  • 15+ chalk artists creating live murals
  • Local bands on Main Stage
  • Sip and Paint Canvas by Gallery on the Go – paint a canvas and bring it home for free!
  • Game corner featuring croquet and horseshoes
  • Sip ‘n Snap Selfie Tour – hashtag #MyChalkLinesAndVines

303: This is the third year for this event – how does the Chalk Lines & Vines event contribute to the Art & Culture scene?  Additionally, how do you see it expanding going forward?

Lexy: Chalk Lines and Vines collaborates with 20+ artists each year, some local to Colorado and others from out of state. The event provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents and creativity in a communal setting. In addition, we have cultivated a strong partnership with the Aurora Art in Public Places Program; a local organization that features locally and nationally renowned artists that have created over 300 individual pieces to enhance the City of Aurora’s public spaces. It is a goal in future years to feature more live art and even art installations at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds to bring our year-round facility to life through art!

Photo courtesy of Arapahoe County Fair & Event Center on Facebook

The following is essential information that you will want to know before heading out to this event. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the wineries located in Colorado, visit This is Colorado Wine and check out their maps to help you plan your own wine tour this Summer.

  • VIP ticket options available with great VIP perks (hurry, limited availability)
  • Rain or shine 
  • Food trucks onsite 
  • Guests can spread out on the Central Green where you can sip wine samples, socialize and picnic. Bring lawn chairs, coolers/wagons, and a blanket! Outside alcohol prohibited.
  • Tickets are $40 online, $50 onsite, $10 Designated Drive. 
  • Tickets, artist bios and more information at 

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