Savoring Flavors of the American West at Dry Land Distillers 

Did you know what you eat and drink can play a key role in mitigating climate change? The choices we make every day have a big impact on environmental sustainability. Selecting spirits crafted from sustainable grains is a simple but powerful choice we can make to improve our world. 
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Dry Land Distillers is an award-winning small batch distillery based in Longmont, Colorado that crafts original spirits that celebrate the landscapes of the American West. We support the ethical cultivation of grains that are well adapted to the high desert environment for all our spirits. Every product made by Dry Land Distillers is proudly produced, distilled, and bottled in-house from sustainable and regeneratively grown ingredients. 

Dry Land Distillers is proud to be a leader in re-establishing ancient grains and supporting growers transitioning to regenerative and organic methods. Every spirit is crafted with native and consciously sourced ingredients that rely on minimal inputs and needs for irrigation. We’re committed to working directly with local Colorado farmers and exploring rare, appropriate-to-place crops. 

Dry Land Distillers produces Heirloom, Antero and Emmer Wheat Whiskey, Cactus Spirit made with prickly pear cactus, Native Colorado Gin, and other spirits that represent the land from which they come. In July 2024, Dry Land Distillers will be the first distillery to release a Regenerative Organic Certified (R.O.C) Straight Rye Whiskey with grains sourced from the San Luis Valley of Colorado. 

“Where we’re from is part of who we are. Creating spirits that are authentic representations of the places we love shows respect to the lands we enjoy,” shares Nels Wroe, founder of Dry Land Distillers. 

Outside of the rare, award-winning whiskey pouring out of the tasting room, Dry Land Distillers is sowing seeds for sustainability into communities across Colorado as a testament to this sentiment. Dry Land Distillers is the first distillery member of Zero Foodprint, a non-profit dedicated to addressing climate change by changing our food systems and consumer behavior through what we eat and drink. The distillery is also a proud founding member of the Colorado Grain Chain, a non-profit that serves community-centered grain supply chains across the state. Dry Land Distillers is further recognized within their local community through notable awards such as the 2023 Good Foods Award, celebrating high quality sustainable products, and the Slow Food USA Snail of Approval Award for their commitment to good, clean and fair food. 

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