Denver Fashion Week Announces Entertainer Winners

For the second season, Denver Fashion Week (DFW) announced a competition looking for local entertainers to perform. Get your Denver Fashion Week tickets here

Judges were 303 Magazine’s music editor, Thomas Rutherford303’s fashion editor Lauren Lippert and DFW’s production team. They voted for the top eight and then you voted for the five winners.

Kayla Marque – Sustainable 

Alt-pop singer Kayla Marque‘s musical journey was inevitable coming from a creative family her uncle being Larry Dunn of the legendary Earth, Wind and Fire, her dad a saxophonist, her mom a writer and her sister a musician and dancer. Though she originally didn’t want to pursue a music career, her relationship with music shifted from a lighthearted hobby to an outlet for her to process pain and beauty.

Her music explores themes of self-love, trauma, and mental health. It wasn’t until 2016 that she launched to the forefront of the Denver music scene. Marque’s long term goal is to use her music platform to create positive change in her community and globally. She participates in groups such as Creative Strategies for Change (CSC), Art from Ashes (AFA) and the Creative Bodies of Culture Advisory Board.  

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Jeffrey Marshall – All Inclusive 


Jeffrey Marshall uses his abilities to invoke audiences up on their feet and wanting more. Using his feet to maneuver the guitar and his mouth to belt out his feelings using voice and harmonica, his only desire in life is to share his talent with anyone willing to listen and experience his life through his art. Marshall began his musical journey as a teenager in Nashville and since then has taken him all over playing with some of the best musicians in the world. 

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His music is raw, infectious and genuine to its core. When Marshall is not recording or performing, he works as a documentary filmmaker and does his weekly radio show on Ozcat Radio (89.5 FM KZCT) in Vallejo, California. He is also very passionate about his nonprofit, The Jeffrey Marshall Arts Foundation, which promotes self-emancipation through artistic expression. 

Marshall is honored and humbled to be on this amazing journey and his goal is to express to audiences that as much as the music can be digested and learned, it is much better served with heart and soul.

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Meta Sarmiento – Streetwear

A true multihyphenate, Meta Sarmiento is more than a rapper. He’s a nationally lauded poet, an educator, a boxer, a fitness coach and a community organizer who sets up writing workshops for kids. He channels all this into his music, which features beats that range from laid back and warm to trappy and in your face. His flows are incredibly intricate and showcase him easily switching between English and Tagalog (Filipino) without missing a step. He follows up his intense technical abilities with lyrics that serve to empower, that radiate positivity and awareness of the world around him. 

Originally born in Guam and now calling Aurora home, Meta Sarmiento’s art has taken him all over the world, having performed in Dubai, France, Indonesia and more. He’s a rapper with heart, hunger, and a message of hope which makes him perfect for Tuesday night’s Streetwear showcase. 

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death wish – Bridal

Part of the indie music genre, death wish creates soft, thought provoking music. Between the duo, they often sound dreamy but don’t be fooled because with lyrics like “We tell secrets while it dreams, how lonely” and “leaving me desperate I’ll drown in my tears,” they have a darker twist. Music alone, they combine a futuristic yet modern sound with a Y2K, cottagecore aesthetic. 

Needless to say, the combination is deadly in the best way possible — fitting for a bridal fashion show. 

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Cami Maree- Society

After an intense battle with cancer in 2023, Cami Maree is back to performing with an even greater fierceness and passion. She creates music in the same way she lives life, with a relentless conviction that inspires others to rise above their circumstances — to experience a life of purpose and freedom. 

Her beautifully haunting voice, profound lyrics, and intriguing melodies linger long after you’ve heard them. Maree’s live performance captivates and stirs you to the depths of your being — perfect for the Saturday night show.

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Editor note: Updated to reflect current performer

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