Georgian Designers from Geo in Style Bring The Black Sea to Denver Fashion Week

In Geo In Style‘s Denver Fashion Week, The Black Sea collection featured seven Georgian designers. International designers showcased their talents and collections, leaving fashion enthusiasts in awe of the exquisite craftsmanship and captivating runway presentations. 

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This exclusive event brought together a diverse array of international designers offering a glimpse into the mesmerizing realm of European fashion. The Black Sea left a lasting impression on attendees from intricate designs to striking runway moments — it was an unforgettable night.

Don Megatron, once again, dazzled the audience with his performance of “Primetime,” off of his Sound Like Talley EP — he’ll be releasing similar music this summer. Following his performance, he also hosted the evening setting the tone of impeccable European couture. Follow Megatron, HASH and Lika Shubitidzea and Archil Gheghechkori made stunning tributes. HASH performed as some models turned dancers performed.

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Shubitidzea and Gheghechkori paid tribute to their Georgian country with a battle song where bottles marched to their music — truly setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

Megi Gabunia

Megi Gabunia captivated the audience from the moment her models hit the runway. With intricate designs and unique silhouettes, the crowd grew silent as each piece emerged.  

Models were dressed in high fashion apparel and accessories — right down to the matching glasses and empowering the models, giving their best runway performance. Gabunia is a DFW veteran drawing the audience in with her black leather couture designs.

Gabunia’s unique designs don’t go unnoticed but rather show how powerful Georgian couture is.


Designer, Tea Savaneli, created a one of a kind collection inspired by metallics — a complete contrast to Gabunia.

“Several designs are made overnight,” Savaneli said. “It took 18-20 hours working on every design.” 

Savaneli favored leather and high quality fabrics throughout her collection, though it’s no surprise considering her last DFW collection.

Using “hippie colors,” she says, the garments left the audience in awe.

Savaneli started sewing when she was nine years old which is evident in her design intricacy. Through her designs, she wants all women to feel confident and encourage people to be themselves, this was seen throughout all her models.

“The dresses need their personality,” she said. “Models should all be themselves.”


With bursts of colors intertwined with neutrals, SOPHIÉ’S DFW debut was filled with sophisticated and high fashion.

Unique designs, with jackets attached to the hems of clothes, and sophisticated color schemes caught the crowd’s attention. There was never a dull moment as the audience waited to see how the garments would transform. 

Salle de Mode

Designer Salome Amanatishvili, of Salle De Mode, says that leather is a huge part of her inspiration.

With leather teddy bear bags and full leather outfits, this collection was everything one can imagine for a leather collection — full of sexy intricate pieces.

“Material is the inspiration to shape and design clothes,” Amanatishvili said. 

It’s the unique way Amantaishvili created her leather garments that left the crowd in awe.

“Leather talks to you, clothes talk to you,” she said.  


Smaki’s collection focused on the world and her emotions. 

All materials used were created for DFW and her collection — keeping a key focus on being green while still having a Spring undertone. Nature and the seasons were sprinkled in through her collection while also having a modern Y2K twist.


Scorpions collection was full of breathtaking gowns, and elegant outfits. With lace and big silhouettes, these designs are hard to go unnoticed. 

This collection screamed elegance, with outstanding accessory silhouettes such as gloves and intricate designs on simple and sophisticated fabrics. 

This collection showed just how much you can do with delicate fabrics like silk and leather. Mixing fabrics gave shape and excitement to all the pieces throughout this collection. 

From beautiful gowns to simplistic business casual cut out artwork, the night was full of inspiration and stunning materials. 

Photo courtesy of Weston Mosburg

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