Brain Pickin’: Purity Ring

Before Purity Ring, aka 22-year-old Corin Roddick and 25-year-old Megan James, had even finished half of their debut album, Shrines, the pair was already playing to sold-out crowds across the U.S. The Montreal-...

Holidaze: 4/20 411

Despite myriad health benefits and massive tax revenue, Uncle Sam could technically take a weed whacker to our country's rapidly growing medical marijuana industry at any moment. That fact obviously doesn't...
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You Tubin’: Danielle Ate the Sandwich

  Danielle ate the pineapple upside-down cake Danielle Anderson is a cyberspace star. Without YouTube, Anderson would be drinking coffee. In a coffee shop. Awaiting her turn at the mic. Instead she ...
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Aural Pleasure: Ana Sia

DJs that don't dance to their own music should be suspect IMO. It's the same “Do as I say, not as I do,” attitude that smoking parents often wield. Talk about setting a pathetic example. Ana will never have that problem. She was a dancer long before being a dance-floor choreographer, and has never been shy about multi-tasking.