Backstage With: Blurred Pictures

  Music videos have become integral pieces in the commercial puzzle that determines an artist's longevity and success. Artists like Korea's pop sensation, PSY ("Gangnam Style"), and the reinvigorated Miley Cy...

Soundcloud Gems: A Certain Romance

Electronic dance music is kind of a messy love affair--at least my history with it, which began at some pre-10 age compliments to a hand-labeled, home-mixed cassette tape called, "The No Flake Tape." What ex...

Soundcloud Gems: Slidecamp

Slidecamp is a delicious yoga trip for your mind and ears: relaxing, atmospheric and uplifting in a way that only the post-rock persuasion delivers. A side project of the Glitch Mob's Boreta and San Francisc...

Pantyraid: Audio Fondling Your Girlfriend

Audio fondling your girlfriend? Slogans don't get much better than Pantyraid's. Sure, they could say "Aurally Vibrating Your Girlfriend's Vagina," but that wouldn't be quite as subtle. Normally, I rack my f...

Hindsight: Glitch Mob @ Red Rocks

The West Coast electronica scene and the jam band community have been in bed together for what seems like forever now. Bassnectar’s first Colorado appearance was at a String Cheese after-hours in 2003. The ...
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Aural Pleasure: The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob ain't no one-trick pony. “Glitch hop”, a genre they're often credited with inventing (or at least popularizing), may have put them on the map, but they refuse to churn out cookie cutter, assembly line club bangers. Drink the Sea, their first fully original full-length, is bound to confound expectations. On the one hand, there are certainly distinctive characteristics that make the record recognizably Glitch Mob. On the other, Sea sees them abandoning many of their signature bells and whistles—most notably the stutter edits suggested by their moniker.
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Aural Pleasure: VibeSquad

Whoever said white men can't crunk? Eerie-based Aaron Holstein is a walking argument to the contrary. Better known as VibeSquad, Holstein has been not-so-quietly churning out crunkadelic, bass-heavy beats in his hole-in-the-wall home studio for over a decade now. The VibeSquad sound is catching on too. Ever since laptop artists like Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob invaded Jamlandia after-hours events, more and more opportunities have been popping up for similarly inspired producers to follow suit. 303 Magazine recently rendezvoused with Holstein for a cup of virtual Yerba Mate.
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Aural Pleasure: Kraddy

Glitch Mob, a collective of California producers he has since parted ways with, was largely responsible for the popularization of a cutting-edge hybrid of electronica and hip hop called “glitch hop”. Glitch refers to the producers’ propensity for intentional glitches or “stutter edits”.
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Movin’ Units: Velcro City Records

Jason Schlosky has long had a thing for hooks and loops. Velcro City Records, the dance music label he founded with DJ Hero (no relation to the video game of the same name), benefits from nostalgia value associated with the patented “zipperless zipper” system invented by Swiss engineer George de Mestral. Hooks and loops, an idea de Mestral ganked from Mother Nature (burdock burrs, specifically), are the functional foundation for the popular textile technology. They play a similarly essential role in the creation of electronic music. Where would techno and its related electronica genres be without hooks and loops?
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Aural Pleasure: Eprom

Eprom, shorthand for erasable programmable read-only memory, is the moniker of Bay Area-based Sander Dennis, slated to slay Owsley's Golden Road (2151 Lawrence) this Friday, January 22. Picture Super Mario getting his freak on, a la Missy Elliot, and you'll have an inkling of what to expect from his set.