400+ Black Owned Businesses to Support in and Around Denver

As the protests against police brutality continue on, it’s more important than ever to look at ways Denver can support its black community. We’ve compiled a list of every black-owned business we could find in and around Denver, but this is in no way definitive.

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This list will be updated periodically. If you’d like a business to be considered, comment below. Also, check out these resources:

Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce
Support Black Owned

Restaurants, food and beverage

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 Cultural Organizations & Non-Profits

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Retail, Services, etc.

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Health, Wellness & Beauty

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Arts, Entertainment & Creative Services

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Miscellaneous Services

  1. Platinum Bridal for wedding dresses! Had a wonderful experience with them. Technically in Thornton but worth the few extra miles 🙂

      1. Dave Smith Realty, Public Realty and City Park Realty all three are Black owned and should be listed considering the systemic racism as it related to blacks owning homes.

        1. Totally agree! I added Public Realty because I found their site (I actually walk by their location all the time!) but it seems City Park is closed and David Smith I am not sure is still active. Let me know if you have more resources.

          1. Dave Smith has never closed since Dave Smith built the office in the 1950s once the High Street Redlining ended. It is still run by the same family and open Monday-Saturday

          2. Good to know! Do you have a website or some sort of page I can link to? That’s needed for this list but I’ll happily add them once I have it! I just can’t seem to find anything online.

          3. Yes, Dave Smith Realty is still very active, since the 1950’s. I’m Dave Smith’s grand daughter. My mother owns the company.

        1. Do you know if they are still open? Their website has expired and they haven’t posted to their Instagram since January

      2. Kim Harrell Silver Smith and Jewelry Design for Fashion and Retail
        khsilversmith. com

      3. I’m so in love with all of the additional businesses highlighted and the positive, supportive comments! Be the solution, Denver.

      4. Infamous Physique is a black owed private by appointment personal training gym located in Littleton. Although the gym is a new venture that I opened just before the Stay at home order went into effect, I’ve been helping people achieve there health & fitness goals for over 5 years. Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking for something new or an exercise novice intimidated by the gym, Infamous Physique is here for you offering personal training for all fitness levels.
        Follow me on Instagram or Facebook @infamousphysique

      5. Hi,
        Please add World of Wellness Home Care to your list of black-owned businesses in Denver. 


        Thank you.

      6. Hi Brittany, Any way to get this list sorted by city? I live in North East Westminster/Broomfield area, and would like to support Black Owned Businesses, but can’t easily get down to Denver or south metro area. Thanks! David

        1. Hello David,

          I appreciate you wanting to support Black Owned Business. Happy Roots Beauty Supply is a black owned business located in Westminster that you can support.

      7. What’s not listed as a category is insurance and finance. HealthNetCO Insurance Agency would fall in this category.

      8. Please add a list of Black birth workers, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants

    1. Also Zeni Beauty Supply Store in Denver! Black owned! 7521 E Iliff Ave Denver CO 80231

  2. Yellow Door Collective makes home goods, jewelry, face masks, etc! Lots of repurposed items as well. Yellowdoorcollective.shop

      1. Sorry I may have missed something. Why are you listing black owned businesses? Is this so they would be exempted from looting? If so why would you call these out? Why not STOP LOOTING ALL BUSINESSES!! Help me understand the purpose of your article??!!

        1. It has nothing to do with looting. A lot of readers want to use their money to support the Denver black community by supporting its small businesses. We’re trying to give them a resource to do so.

          1. Do you do the same for white owned business, or Asian, or Hispanic? Or just black?

        2. I would not expect an honest answer to your question, for as to do so would require an observance of the blatant racist nature of this ‘article’. Your instincts are spot-on. This is a prime example of racial pandering and virtue-signaling; to not agree with anyone promoting pro-black causes is obviously racist on your part. Sad …

          1. Supporting a suppressed minority group in times of immense turmoil is not racist. Ignoring and denying that the suppression even exists and calling out anyone who supports them because of these issues though is …. problematic to say the least.

        3. Fitness: Naturally Defined Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Services, SE Denver;

        4. Does it offend you that someone is shining a positive light on & showing support for the Black Community & all the things they have to contribute to the great State of Colorado. Do you feel threatened that the white community is in jeopardy of losing them & their financial support? Hmmm? Inquiring minds want to know

          1. We’re looking for some services as well as buy a new home. I see a carpet cleaning business on this list, but can’t find the black owner among the franchises. Is there a specific location that is black-owned?

      2. I have owned and operated An Essential Basket for 20 plus years. I feature the best of Colorado in every design. Locally made chocolates to aromatherapy. As a native showcase local artists is the cornerstone to my business.

      1. Thanks! But as an organization, we focus on local and independent businesses as much as possible.

  3. Sweet Sweetz in Whittier is a newer ice cream and sweets shop and FABULOUS!!!

    1. Well, hey, Nancy! I searched for this one because it’s truly one of my favourite places to go. I love the atmosphere. I love that she asks me how my meal is. I love going there on Sundays. I lived in the South and it truly feels like such a wonderful experience every time I go. The atmosphere, the love, the comfort I feel there is unparalleled.

    1. If this was a listing of white owned businesses it would be deemed white supremist. Why is free advertising for b.o.b. ok?

      1. Seriously??! You’re really asking that in today’s climate where Black people are labeled as the “minority” and only represents 3.4% of Denver’s population??? GTFOH

      2. Its because they are suppressed, having to work harder to achieve the same recognition as they non-black counterparts. Being black includes struggles that other races don’t go through and because of that they receive this kind of support – they have gone through so many obstacles because of the way people have viewed them for being black – people’s prejudices. Even though some people may think but black-owned businesses and white-owned business are the same and view them as such, there are a lot of people who think differently and react differently when they find out a business is black owned. Its like this with poc even – especially those that from close-minded communities (saying this as I’ve seen and heard very degrading things myself as a South-Asian about black people from my own people). Some media dislike advertising these kinds of businesses and I can’t tell you why cause I’m not them. Especially at a time where black people are protesting for change, its important for those with platforms to support. I know this maybe hard to understand at first but think of it like this: if you’re dealing an amputated limp aftermath and someone comes around complaining about their knee scratch, how would it feel? It would be tone deaf to make a list of white owned businesses and there wouldn’t be a reason for one. I’m not saying white people haven’t had their struggles, I’m saying being white isn’t one of them. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say and I apologize in advance if there’s any mistakes in this.

      3. It is here because racial pandering and virtue signaling are the new ‘ins’. Get with the program or be considered a racist.

        1. Steph, Steph, Steph. You could have just gone about your day, but instead you had to come tell everybody (multiple times) that you think supporting black-owned businesses is “racial pandering”. May I suggest that you take some time to reflect on why you are so vehemently opposed to this list? I assume it is because you don’t like the protests against the police murdering innocent black men & women, but I will leave the self-reflection and discovery up to you. You certainly aren’t affected by 303 putting this list together, so there was no reason for you to leave this comment. And yet you did…you might want to be a bit more mindful of the hatred you put out in this world.

          I hope that during your self-reflection, you think back to moments in your life where someone else’s kindness and understanding helped you when you needed it most. Life is hard enough, but we can help each other by listening and practicing empathy.

        2. Why engage in the comments or read the list? Just don’t spend your money within the black owned businesses and continue to patron white businesses. Easy. Simple AND you continue to support the community you want! it’s a WIN, WIN – for you and yours. 🙂

      4. Are you really seeking to understand, or are you being argumentative? If that latter, just don’t patron the businesses and spend your money elsewhere. Easy, simple. WIN WIN – for you and yours! 🙂

      5. This is a list of white owned companies: COLORADO FORTUNE 500. Top 10 are: The top 10 companies in the U.S. on the list are:

        Exxon Mobil
        Berkshire Hathaway
        UnitedHealth Group
        CVS Health

        How is this article promoting the belief that one race is superior to another? How is providing information about the businesses of historically marginalized people racist? I’d love to learn more from you? Based on the definition below, I don’t understand. I’d love to learn more about your point of view!

        RACIST: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
        “the comments have led to her being called a racist”

        showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.
        “we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club”

    1. Thank you! I’m a barber and am always looking to add product that works best for my clients. Definitely going to check this line out!

  4. H&E Furniture on Monaco & Evans! Multi-generation family owned vintage, complete with a retro room downstairs. Owner Humphrey Cobb Jr. is also a world-renowned musician.


  5. In your next article, please add businesses south of town. Anything close to Douglas County would be great. Thanks!

  6. Blazing Chicken Shack II In Park Hill has excellent food, please consider them in the next update! <3 thanks for posting this.

  7. Amazing list! Here’s another one to add Black owned and Denver based
    Photography @thefemaleshoota
    Thefemaleshoota.com ☺️

  8. Please add Akente Express on 919 Park Ave. They sell a wide variety of African art, textiles and jewelry. The owner and staff are helpful and friendly.

    1. Thanks! To confirm, you’re located in Denver? I couldn’t find it on your site so I just wanted to double-check.

    1. Mezz is a is a Black owned cannabis company that specializes in vapes and pre rolls. Please add them! We’re based in Denver.

  9. Cleo Parker Robinson Dance is celebrating its 50th anniversary season. Lots of virtual classes offered right now.

  10. Great list! Here’s another to add in the beauty section. JBe Beauty permanent makeup and lash studio @JBeBeautyDenver

  11. EngErotics is owned and run by Raven Faber, an African American woman and engineer. They “aim to bring high-quality, well-engineered intimacy devices along with expertly formulated CBD (cannabidiol) infused intimate body care products to market.” Amazing stuff! http://www.engerotics.com

  12. Please add A Cheerful Cup, the coffee shop in the lobby of 1660 S Albion Street. Sheila, the business owner, makes every day better for all of us with her smile and kind words that accompany her snacks and beverages!

  13. Please add Bright Day Cleaning Service, this is a Black owned business that has top notch service and they above and beyond!

    1. Thanks for adding them. They are have been a life changer for me.

  14. Unfortunately, the south side of town lacks any degree of black-owned businesses . First restaurant that came to mind is Jessie’s Smokin’ NOLA in Centennial! You’ve gotta check ’em out! https://www.smokinnola.com/

  15. Please add Akasha Be Well Skincare (www.akashabewell.com)
    On The Go Wellness Spa (www.onthegowellnessspa.com)
    2295 S Chambers Rd Unit I, Aurora, CO 80014

    Thank you!

  16. THANK YOU! I was trying to find something like this yesterday and wasn’t having much luck.

      1. I’d like to have my business added, Curls, Kinks & Coils. I specialize in all textures of hair from loose/wavy to kinky.
        2737 Welton st. Denver, Co. 80205

  17. Please add Neckjuice, custom designed Bowties, By J_Geee at neckjuicedrips.com

  18. Lotus & Lily Photography and DK Visuals
    (Portrait and Personal Branding Photography by Danielle Smith)

  19. Please add, The Barre Code- Downtown Denver ( boutique fitness studio)
    Offering fitness Classes in Barre, Boot Camp, and cardio kickboxing.

    Located at 2252 Larimer st . Denver, Co 80205

  20. Tween Boutique (Jewelry, Clothes and Accessories)
    2511 E Bruce Randolph Ave Denver, Co 80222
    This is a store for Tween aged girls from the age 7-14. This store is to empower young girls to be themselves and love themselves in the midst of everything happening on social media and around them.

  21. This story is kinda racist. Imagine if it was titled “100+ White Owned Businesses to Support in Denver”
    Supporting a business based on the race of the owner is racist.

    1. Hi Bob – black entrepreneurs have faced a myriad of racial barriers when starting businesses in the US, none of which apply to the white population. If 303 put together a list of “white owned businesses” to your callout, the list would be much, much longer and would shine quite a light on these barriers.

    2. If supporting entrepreneurs of one race, while neglecting those of another, is racist, then the status quo has us doing that already by default. Most of us support white-owned businesses all the time without needing to be told to, because they’re everywhere, and we don’t even think about it. And the more people shop somewhere, the more people start to figure they should too. It takes awareness and intention to climb out of that rut, hence projects like this.

    3. It certainly feels like you posted this to be inflammatory and intentionally tone deaf. While I doubt you’ll read this in that light, hopefully it will be helpful for other readers. During COVID-19 alone, consider this from the WP: “minority-owned businesses have suffered disproportionately in a crisis that’s also killing nonwhite Americans at higher rates and eliminating more of their jobs”. We need black businesses and voices in a system that has purposely kept the barriers higher for them. I am happy to support black businesses and look forward to watching this list grow.

      WP source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/05/25/black-minority-business-owners-coronavirus/

  22. The link at the bottom for Support Black Owned currently goes to the CBCC. Please ignore this note if you’ve already fixed the link by the time you get this.

  23. Natural Urbanity provides natural products for the hair and body from Butter Creme to Butter Body Scrub to Triple Butter Lip Balm. We specialize in a variety of natural scents. We also have options for delivery and pickup

  24. Please add
    Franklin Stiger Afro Styling Barber Shop
    2755 Welton St
    Denver 80205

  25. Lilipurl Energy Jewelry is a black woman-owned jewelry retailer, featuring hand-made designs. Available for custom pieces and weddings.

  26. Hi! My name is Bridgette Black, owner of Black Esthetics & Artistry LLC.
    I’m a licensed esthetician and Pro mua specializing in Eyebrow threading and waxing, skincare, body waxing, and makeup!

    More importantly I’m in a whole Female black owned establishment called The Hair and Image Studio, where I am one of four black women professionals!

      1. Would love to be considered for the Aurora listing. Artistic Apparel Graphics and Signs is located at 13590 E. Mississippi Ave. We make signs, custom apparel, promotional products and all printed products for marketing.
        Thank you.

  27. Please add me! I’m a black female small business owner of Gem Scents Aromatics, LLC a collection of natural products for bath, hair and body.

  28. don’t forget Emnet Organics – a fully organic skincare and health store. They sell cold pressed juices and smoothies, and you can order fruit bouquets from them as well.

  29. Bodies By Perseverance, in 5-points. Gym providing personal training, boxing, and (Used to have) group classes. Please reach out to the owner, Courtney Samuel for more details.

  30. Could you add Prolific Chiropractic owned by Dr Roechelle Smith (303) 337.1321 prolificchiropractic.com 2101 S. Blackhawk Street #140 Aurora 80914

  31. Would love to know about any black-owned plant nurseries or gardening stores!!

  32. The Relaxing Way Prenatal Massage 3955 E Exposition Ave #200a, Denver, CO 80209. Also offers postpartum and regular relaxation massages. Owner is Jonny Love.

  33. Please add Body Beautiful Recovery Services to your Health/Wellness/Beauty category! She provides private post-op recovery care for plastic/cosmetic surgery clients, in Denver Metro and all surrounding areas/counties. She also travels!

  34. Tank’s World Class Barbers @ 6638 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

    There are numerous other Black-owned businesses nearby on that stretch of East Colfax that are not listed here.

  35. Please add International Spectrum Cosmetics. We are a Multicultural Makeup Line. We are locally owned and operated. Our website is IntlSpectrumCosmetics.com

  36. Hi there! Could you please add Chubby Curls Natural Hair Products to the list?
    Chubby Curls is a line of high-quality, all-natural products formulated to maximize moisture and eliminate the many challenges dryness causes for naturally textured and curly hair, especially in this dry climate. By sharing best practices and teaching customers to understand their individual hair needs, Chubby Curls’ mission is to educate and empower people of color so we can embrace the beauty and versatility of our hair.

  37. Smith & Canon Ice Cream on Colfax at York! Incredible ice cream in unique flavors.

  38. Denver Print Company. 10525 E. 40th Ave #203 (40th & Ave) Large and small format printing, plus graphic design. Black and hispanic owned.

  39. A Tribe Called Dukes Haul Away Service- a junk removal/ waste management company

  40. How do we add False Ego? They are an eco-friendly apparel and clothing company.

    1. We love False Ego! But I think your location is technically Aurora unless you all moved from the Stanley? Let me know if so. We’re trying to get through Denver first and will expand to other cities from there. Just so much to get through!

  41. Please consider adding The Brow Snob (@thebrowsnob_denver) founded by Tonie Jones and located in The Hair & Image Studio in Lowery, which I saw mentioned in the comments as well, & Dope Mom Life (@dopemomlife) a creative content agency founded by Dianne Myles

  42. Jabo’s Bar-Be-Q on Arapahoe in Greenwood Village is one of the best BBQ spots in Colorado. Jabo the owner is the friendliest and always comes out to greet new and returning customers.

  43. Please add Ageless Aesthetics owned and operated by Herb Parris, MD. Salon and retail for all things beauty including Botox, fillers, facials and treatments.

  44. Soujourner’s Coffee Shop in Virginia Village – @sojournerscoffeeandtea on IG. Recently featured in Westword.

  45. This is great! Would be really cool if you could find a way to plot this on a map and expand into neighboring cities. Appreciate what you’re doing!

  46. Denver Weekly News, is Colorado longest Black owned publication. Is has been is business for over 20 years and continues on. They were established in February 17, 1971 by Freeman Cosmo Harris. They company has been the platform for so many others. I find it sad that you didn’t mention them.

  47. Denver Weekly News, is Colorado longest Black owned publication. Is has been is business for over 20 years and continues on. They were established in February 17, 1971 by Freeman Cosmo Harris. This company has been the platform for so many others. I find it sad that you didn’t mention them.

  48. Please keep me in mind for the Aurora listing
    Bria’s Italian Fusion LLC
    A fusion of Italian-American cuisines to create a handcrafted culinary experience through our cooking classes, meal prep, and catering services.

  49. Please add Ernies Generations on Welton st. A black owned boutique by Winifred Harris, also associate artist director for Cleo Parker-Robinson Dance. Also her restaurant called Intersections in Northfield.

  50. Konjo Ethiopian Food- Edgewater Marketplace / The Ethiopian Food Truck – Denver

  51. Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado – A nonprofit organization committed to continuously improving the professional and social trajectory of minority leaders through effective leadership training.

  52. This information could be used to hurt. Why would you give a list of black owned businesses. This sounds like a hit list for white supremacists. Please remove this information before someone gets hurt. PEACE LOVE

  53. Please add me to the list of black owned businesses: Evans Counseling Group, 2 locations in Denver, Cherry Creek and Denver Highlands.

  54. Dream Is Grind Productions owned by Justin Johnson. Denver based company specializing in talent management, event planning, concert production and consulting. Creators of the Kush Groove Concert Series.

  55. How unfortunate that Gypsy House Cafe is listed here. Gypsy is a pejorative to Romani people! Same context as the N-word for blacks. If anything their cafe should be boycotted until that changes, not be listed as black owned especially at a time like this. Not only are you sending the wrong message by listing them here, but in doing so you’re also justifying the use of that word as well. That’s a big problem, and it’s incredibly offensive to an entire race of people. Ignorance is bliss I guess, isn’t it…?

  56. Please add Rising Sun Distillery to your list. It is a Black and Woman owned distillery located near Mile High Stadium. Sol Richardson is the only Black owner of a Distillery in the city of Denver, his grandfather was a well know entrepreneur in the city and owned a bar in Five Points that now houses Rosenberg Bagels. He is proud to continue the legacy of Black owned businesses in the Mile High City.

    1. Do you have a site I can link to or some listing? I can’t find one anywhere online.

      1. Hi Brittney,
        I mentioned a black business above Denver Weekly News and got no reply. Can you please add it.

  57. I would like my business to be included. I am an African-American male. I own Earth Cycle Cleaning (earthcyclecleaning.com). It is 100% minority owned and we focus on commercial cleaning (Airbnb and Offices) in metro-Denver.

  58. Bloom & Noosh is a new black owned floral design, that delivers fresh bouquets weekly! No brick and mortar currently, but e-commerce!

    1. Do you have any contact information for them? I can’t find any on their website.

  59. This is an awesome list and I would like to help make it more accessible to your readers. I have GIS experience and I was wondering if I was to take all the businesses listed and generate some spatial data files, would there be a way for 303mag to include an interactive map people could use to see which are in their close vicinity? I just feel like these small business will get more ‘business’ if people know they are near them – as opposed to asking readers to look one up and driving out of their way to participate. If there is an interactive map that illustrates where each business is, users will be more likely to visit (especially given covid, curfew, apathy, etc…)

    1. I really appreciate the offer! But we’ve decided to hold it for now after we heard some concerns (not from businesses but from general readers) the list could be used for negative purposes so I am not sure if I want to create a map just yet. The way we have it set up is that it lists the neighborhoods – so people know the general area (if there’s no neighborhood it’s online) and then links to a website so the business controls how much info is shared in terms of contact. We think that’s the safest way for now, just in case (although we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from businesses thus far).

  60. Hello! Could anyone point me in the direction of Black owned businesses in Boulder, Colorado? I’m having a hard time finding some online.

  61. This list is awesome thank you so much for posting it! I’d like to 2nd what folks are saying that a list that includes BOB in the surrounding communities would be awesome- Lakewood/Golden/Wheat Ridge/Arvada/Littleton as well as Aurora! Thank you thank you!

  62. I know this one isn’t technically in Denver, but Bingo Oasis. I used to work there and the owner is an incredible chef. I highly reccomend the Thai Pizza

  63. Exclusive Cuts Barber Shop
    2515 Bruce Randolph st.
    Denver, Co 80205

  64. Hey this article is awesome!! I did notice that there was not many black-owned Education companies on this list. One company that I have loved over the year’s is this company called Read More Co. They host annual Stay F.R.E.S.H. Leadership and Entrepreneurship courses for 13-19 students in the Denver Metro area. I recently signed by daughter up for their virtual Entrepreneurship course this summer. Here’s a link to their website http://www.readmoreco.com. Thank you for doing this!

  65. Hey this article is awesome!!! I did notice that there was not many black-owned Education companies on this list. One company that I have loved over the year’s is this company called Read More Co. They host annual Stay F.R.E.S.H. Leadership and Entrepreneurship courses for 13-19 students in the Denver Metro area. I recently signed by daughter up for their virtual Entrepreneurship course this summer. Here’s a link to their website http://www.readmoreco.com. Thank you for doing this!

      1. Do you have a link? The only one I can find does not appear to be black-owned

  66. Thanks for this! How did you put together this list? Trying to do the same for Boulder but aside from going through the minorities business database one by one I can’t think of an easier way to parse this down. Thanks for any guidance.

    1. I asked around, dug through my contacts and personal resources (I’ve been reporting at the magazine for eight years!) and then used the resources listed at the very bottom of the article. But that only got me to 70. Once I got it live, people reached out to me! So start where you can and build from there. Good luck!

    2. I live in Boulder and this is sorely needed – if you want a partner Molly, please respond, I’d love to help!

    3. Hi Molly- I just went through the database without any luck. Let me know if you found other resources. Thanks.

  67. Bringing Love and light to your hair whether it’s natural, starting locs, retwist locs, relaxed, weaved or in need of a new refreshing color. We at Bryant of New York do it All.

  68. Hi! If you could please add Plāts by EB. Catering, meal prep, and delivery with a focus on organic comfort food dishes.

  69. Bryant of New York should definitely be added. It is an amazing black-owned hair salon on Colfax. They specialize in black hair.

  70. Bryant of New York, on Colfax in Denver, is the the BEST black-owned hair salon in town. The owners are honest, professional and kind. I always leave there feeling and looking beautiful!

  71. Im calling on all fellow white allies to buy black as long as it takes…. who is with me?!?!

  72. I noticed a lack of finance & investment businesses. Please consider BuyTheBlock.com for crowdfunding. They’re based in North Aurora.

  73. Pretti BEAST Creations
    Customs creations and printing services.
    I make custom shirts hats face covers sewn fabric face masks and pretty much any printing needs!

    1. Hi! Do you have a website? I can’t seem to find it online anywhere.

  74. Bryant of New York: Rakish and Bryant you guys are amazing people. You guys we’re always honest and value human beings than money. Rakish, thanks as always for making rock my natural hair and teaching me how to take care it.

    1. It’s actually Genna’s! I live in the neighborhood and we all called it Gemma’s for so long until we met the owner – who’s name is Genn. Look at our picture — you’ll see the sign says Genna.

  75. Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness is a gym in Baker owned by Nick Natt! They are taking personal training clients during this time!!

  76. Most educators of color Including myself, struggle with the education field due to many factors. We equip them with expressive apparel, events and networking opportunities to nourish the whole educator.

  77. Black owned beauty business offering eyelash extensions and microblading @dollhousebeautybrand_

  78. Rakiah and Bryant @ Bryant of New York are THE best in the business! Wouldn’t trust my hair with anyone else. #Natural

  79. More Than Curly Salon! We have won the Talk of the Town award for best customer service in our industry for the last 9 consecutive years (as long as we have been open)!

  80. Hi ! I am a black small business owner in Aurora,CO. Distinct Document Preparation & Consulting. We assist the community in preparing Pro Se documents. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Uncontested Divorces and more.

  81. Please add Five Points Fermentation to the list. Her tea is amazing!

    Also, when you expand the list, the Pikine Grill food truck (based in Aurora, but always around Denver).

  82. Please add this black owned husband and wife business name: Bryant of New York Hair Salon.

  83. I have been a devoted customer of Bryant of New York for several years now. The customer service and care is truly person centered. They truly take time to counsel and structure your hair care regimen to fit your lifestyle. The atmosphere is always soothing and relaxed. Truly superb salon and professionals.

  84. Infinite Esthetics
    800 W 8th Ave
    Denver, CO 80204

    Tiffany is an absolutely amazing esthetician! People have actually complimented my skin since I have started seeing her a year ago.

  85. Heavy Elbow Bodywork
    1111 Broadway #302, Denver, CO 80203

    Damian is a miracle worker.

  86. Heavy Elbow Bodywork
    1111 Broadway #302, Denver, CO 80203

    Damian is a true miracle worker.

  87. Shana Stokes Real Estate! She is a wonderful person who understands generational wealth and wants her community to thrive with home ownership.

    1. Sorry! Not sure why the correct link isn’t sticking. But it should be good now.

  88. Would love to have our business posted! We are in Aurora, we are an Education and Business Consulting Firm! We would love to support the Metro Area!

  89. Let’s add my favorite black owned beauty salon, Bryant of New York to this list.

      1. Could you please add Global Salons at 11111 E. Mississippi Ave Aurora, CO 80012 Ste #253
        They specialize all beauty services (One stop servicing) including barbers, braiding, loctician, nail techs, and lash techs. Thanks so much for the recognition of not only black owned but all businesses and services!!!

  90. Add VelociDetail LLC to the list. This is my personal business in Denver, Colorado specializing in high end mobile detailing, polishing, and protective paint coatings.

  91. Bald, owned by Dr. Falan Mounton should be on this list! It’s a waxing salon in RiNo.

  92. BALD waxing salon, owned by Dr. Falan Mouton should be added to this list. They’re located in the Highlands!

  93. Great company, best CPR training!
    Mark is the instructor and he certifies not only healthcare professionals but non-medical professionals and individuals also.

  94. Hi! I am the owner of Flick of the Whisk cakes. Can you please edit so it says “Flick of the Whisk”, not “Flick of the Wrist”. Thanks so much for featuring me!!

    1. Thanks! We’ve had this as a resource in the article from the very beginning to make sure people also check out and are aware of these sites.

    1. Looking online it seems they may have closed. Let me know if you have other info like a new website

    1. Hi! They don’t have any owner info. Are you the owner or do you know they are?

  95. Please add – AK BBQ Food Truck and Winning Coiffures Hair Salon on Colfax to Black Owned.

  96. Mr. Plumber in Denver is a black owned and serviced business. Jeffrey Butler did great work for us a few times in our condo in LoDo a few years ago. He works with his cousin. 303-523-6652 (cell); 303-375-1175 (office) http://www.mrplumberdenver.com. Jeff is a professional master plumber.

  97. Please add Cole Fusion Fitness at 946 Santa Fe to the list. Owner Frankie Cole is seriously the best!!

  98. TenBack Bowling Outfitters at Bowlero Cherry Creek needs to be on this list. This is a pro shop for bowing owner by Shawn Lee.

  99. Hello, I would like to add my cleaning company named “Your Highness Cleaning Service LLC” It is a black woman, christian company. It was founded in 2014. We specialize in Residential move in moves outs, and Commerial cleaning, office spaces etc.

  100. Please add FIT & NU! Colorado’s 1st FITness and NUtrition Club for Women of Color and 2019 Small Business Heros appointed by Congressman Jason Crow.

  101. Two more:
    Moda Man on Larimer Square, men’s fashion
    McBoat Photography, Shameka McBoat
    Both great black-owned businesses. And thank you so much for publishing and growing this list. Please keep it up for the distance, not just the turmoil.

  102. Blessed Beauty Lounge Hair Salon specializing in all extension and hair types. Also servicing permanent makeup and eyelash extensions

  103. Hello,
    We are a black owned Home Health Care Service and would like to know how to go about being added to your listing?

  104. Thank you for posting this article! If you have the time/resources, please compile a list for Boulder, CO as well.

  105. Are there any black-owned Game Stores/Hobby Shops/Comic Book stores in the Denver area?

  106. Please add Brooklyn Barber Academy in Boulder! Ja’mal is one of the few black business owners in this area. And he is just the best.

  107. My friend Kyler at Dream Painting LLC. He did jobs for friends and family of ours and is professional, does a great job and is just a good person.

  108. Foods and Pastries
    Pastries|Events Caterer|Gourmet d’Afrique (GA)
    MISSION: To provide CO & other states w/ delicious gourmet and modern African based pastries and foods!
    INSTAGRAM: Gourmet d’Afrique

  109. EJC Performance- We’re a quality used auto parts dealer. We have all parts to the motor for sale as well as interior switches, pedals and steering wheels. Import and domestic vehicles.

    Please add us to the list.

  110. Please add Color Crush Hair Studio – one of the very few African-American-woman owned hair salons in South Denver/Tech Center (in Denver City limits). She does an amazing job with hair for people of all races, and of all ages. The owner is Aisha Hurt, and here is her website: https://color-crush-hair-studio.business.site/ Thanks!

  111. Bless you Brittany for this timely, and clearly, controversial attempt to support and raise awareness for the Denver black community; it is much appreciated! My business is Digi.Mark.PM, a small business technology and operations consulting firm. I would also like to give a shout out to Jonathan Martin, a wonderful videographer: https://www.blacksockproductions.com/

  112. House of Blessing Custom Upholstery in Denver is also a black-owned business. I don’t see any upholstery services on this list at all.

    1. Do you have a website? I can’t seem to find an active listing for people to be able to contact them with.

      1. They are definitely still in business, but I do not believe they have a website. Their phone number is (303) 296-3349 and their address is 3429 E 28th Denver, CO 80205… They have a claimed status on their Yelp page as well, if that helps.

    2. Thank you, Brittany, for making this comment. I am looking for an upholsterer and was very disappointed to find not even one on this list. I will give House of Blessing a call.

  113. Thank you so much for doing this! It is incredibly needed and appreciated. I’m sharing it with all of my friends ???

  114. myEgo lash & beauty boutique
    Not only is she a Black business owner, but she is a 19 year old business owner located in the Five Points area.

  115. Hara Healing Boutique provides vegan candles as well as other supplies you may need on your healing journey. She also does energy healing such as reiki, crystal therapy, and chakra balancing.

    1. According to your site, you are located in Bowie, MD. This is a Denver specific list.

  116. Lariat on Tennyson! Just opened this week and an amazing black woman owned clothing boutique.

    1. Awesome! Do you have a site or more info? I can’t find any online

  117. Would love it if there were businesses (especially restaurants) listed in the northern suburbs (Westminster/Broomfield/Thornton). Thanks in advance if you can find and add them.

  118. The Donut in Centennial, Co is a black-owned donut shop serving the South Denver Metro area. The owners purchased the business in December 2019.

  119. Please add The Chocolate Spoke to your list. It is a black owned bike shop in Five Points.

    1. Are they still opened? I live right by them and it seems that the location has closed and I can’t find another one.

  120. You left off Akente Express located on Park Avenue West. Been buying my oils and African goods from there for years!

  121. Syracuse Market is a black owned market that carries groceries, home goods, and beer. They are located at 1131 Syracuse St 80220
    Dawn Driving School is a black owned driving school that offers driver’s training, permit tests, and license tests. they are located at 1135 Syracuse St 80220. website: http://www.dawndrivingschool.com/

  122. Infamous Physique is a black owed private by appointment personal training gym located in Littleton. Although the gym is a new venture that I opened just before the Stay at home order went into effect, I’ve been helping people achieve there health & fitness goals for over 5 years. Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking for something new or an exercise novice intimidated by the gym, Infamous Physique is here for you offering personal training for all fitness levels.
    Follow me on Instagram or Facebook @infamousphysique

  123. Thank you 303 Magazine for taking the time to create space for black businesses. I’ve already received support for my online bath & body oil collection from your readership. The black business sector really contributes to our local economy and visibility is so important. I’m grateful!

  124. SCD Enrichment Program: school-based nonprofit that’s recruits and supports students of color in advanced coursework. Offers summer camp and virtual classes.

  125. It would have been very helpful to these businesses if you had included the address where they are located, or at the very least, the part of the metro area they are located in.

    1. They do have their neighborhoods and the city if it’s outside of Denver! If there’s no neighborhood it’s online or not brick and mortar. Also, we’ve made a couple of comments about addresses/maps because we don’t want this list to be used for negative purposes so that is why we only link to a site that the business controls. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

  126. Once Upon A Child in Aurora – Please consider adding us to the list! We’re a family owned children’s resale store (I’m black, my business partner/mother-in-law is latina). We buy (same day cash) and sell children’s clothes, shoes, toys & baby gear. Find us on Instagram @onceuponachildaurora or check us out on Facebook. ouacaurora@gmail.com

    1. Thanks! But as an organization, we focus on local and independent businesses as much as possible.

  127. Conscious Media Consulting, LLC is Black woman owned. We thought partner with content creators to help them create content in conscious ways, such as that which demonstrates accuracy in narratives and representations. We also provide conscious media/content literacy training for organizations who produce public facing content.

  128. Thank you for this list. Unfortunately, I did not see any home remodeling black owned businesses

  129. I do not. I need to get some work done around my home and was hoping to find someone from your list.

    1. Hi Shantell! I’d love the name/LinkedIn page of someone who does renovations. Could you post here?

  130. Dave Smith has never closed since Dave Smith built the office in the 1950s once the High Street Redlining ended. It is still run by the same family and open Monday-Saturday

  131. African-American founded and led Colorado non-profits
    Make a Chess Move (MACM) (Whittier-Dave Smith Realty Building-Building a just society by developing tenacious learners, compassionate leaders, and ethically-driven critical-thinkers. https://www.makeachessmove.org/
    Struggle of Love Foundation (Montbello)- Our goal is to give back to the community in areas of struggle – “Showing Our Love to Save Our Lives.” https://struggleoflovefoundation.org/
    Kids Above Everything (Park Hill) Kids Above Everything is a media arts mentorship organization. https://www.kidsaboveeverything.org/
    JEKL Foundation for STEM Education. Our mission is to embrace the unitiated child and change the face of technology forever, to work with parents, school districts, educators and community partners to pursue and achieve excellence both inside and outside the classroom https://jeklfoundation.org/
    Crowley Foundation Connecting & Building Young Men (Young Kings) by providing educational opportunities through academic instruction, life skills, social/emotional learning, relationship building & career exploration https://crowleycollegeprep.com/
    Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization Our mission is to reduce mental health stigma through the incorporation of leadership, arts, wellness, and skilled trades within all programs. Our vision is to inspire courageous conversation around the value of life. https://www.aopyo.org/
    Robert A Miller Education Resource Center (Skyland) https://www.facebook.com/ramercusa/

    1. Sorry for the delay! These have been added. Thank you SO much for this, Gerald!

  132. Hey Shantell,

    If he doesn’t mind, it would be great if you could share his name and info.

  133. Please add Zenergy Body Sculpting
    AFPA licensed personal fitness trainer, Stacia Miller specializing in women’s body sculpting. Cerrtified Yoga Sculpt Instructor at Core Power

  134. Can you please add Pescky Kitchen. We are black, woman and veteran owned. We are a vegan pop-up and online eatery shipping nationwide

    1. Thanks! But as an organization, we focus on local and independent businesses as much as possible.

  135. I would like to add From The Heart Enterprises, they offer mental health services, adult and youth programs, mentoring and more. The Crowley Foundation – they serve young men in leadership opportunities and more.

  136. Hello Brittany, Are you familiar with Reference USA, a free (through many libraries) searchable database of millions of businesses? You can even search by the ethnicity of the chief executive. For example a search for African-American Executive, <250 employees, in Denver metro, returned 1169 records.

  137. It would be fabulous if you could put these into a Google Map, so people can source locations when they are nearby certain locations or looking for something to eat while out and about!

    1. Hey, Katie! We’ve made a couple of comments about addresses/maps issue because we don’t want this list to be used for negative purposes so that is why we only link to a site that the business controls. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

  138. Curly Queens Cleaning. Locally owned and operated by two Denver native moms.

    Hi Yandy, I’m a long time follower and was hoping you’d please share my sister and I’s cleaning business. We’re a small business located in Denver, Co and black owned. Keep up all you do for the cause and the culture.


      1. Hi! Are you an owner or do you know them? I can’t seem to confirm their identity online

  139. Thank you for such a great list! Happy to see some familiar businesses on it and knew ones! Here are three more to add to it!
    1. http://alloi.org/ – non-profit
    2. Barberettez
    3. Juhdet’s Curly Hair Studio

  140. LEF Electrical Technology, Inc is a small black owned electrical business in Aurora. Electrical contractor and Master electrician

  141. Hi, I’m the owner of Tower Road Animal Hospital, a Black-owned veterinary hospital. I am a Denver native and one of only a handful of Black veterinarians in the entire state of Colorado. We are located literally on the line between Aurora/Denver in the Green Valley Ranch area (in Aurora but if you cross the street you’re in Denver).

    Thank you,
    Desiree English, DVM

    (303) 375-7950

  142. Please add:
    Pillow Anatomy is a business located in Denver that creates custom made throw pillows for any place, space and vision.
    Email: kre8theme@gmail.com
    Facebook/IG: @pillowanatomy

  143. Gomez Howard Group – integrated marketing and communications firm – established in 2005 – specializing in community engagement, project management, cause marketing, media relations and digital marketing

  144. Please add the Gomez Howard Group a minority (black owned), woman-owned integrated marketing and communications firm that was established by Gerri Gomez Howard in 2005. Fueled by a passion to transform the community for good, GHG uses expertise in strategy, marketing, communications, public relations and project management to spark mutually beneficial relationships between the essential components of a community.

  145. Li’l Teeth Dentistry, a pediatric dental office. It’s in Green Valley Ranch but an Aurora address. Right on the Denver/Aurora border. 303.307.9999. Thank you so much for this list!

  146. Hi, I posted/replied before but it disappeared?

    Tower Road Animal Hospital

    I’m a Denver native and one of only a handful of black veterinarians in the entire state of Colorado. We’re located on the Denver/Aurora line – the business is in Aurora but if you cross the street you’re in Denver. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Your post didn’t disappear. We just have an approval process to weed out spam so it was just pending. I’ll add you in first thing tomorrow in the next batch of updates!

  147. Hello can you please add Toby’s New Orleans Poboys.

    We are a Denver New Orleans food truck.

    Toby’s New Orleans Poboys , brings the corner store poboys from New Orleans to Denver. Snoballs, jambalaya, and gumbo will whisk you back to New Orleans but the beignets will make you stay!

  148. Thank you for putting this together. As a resident of Sedalia, it would be enormously helpful if this list was organized into city regions.

  149. Love what you are doing and want to thank you for this effort. Please keep it going!

    1. Hi! I am checking in with them since I can’t find any info on the owner. If you have that info, let me know.

  150. I would like to add Kadija Taylor to our list of Black Owned Businesses. She is the owner of Home and Sanctuary. Kadija, as a designer and realtor, is also Denver’s 2020 Rising Star Award Winner. Her website is: http://hosahomes.com/

  151. Please add to Health and Wellness – Kalina Poppins (@kalinapoppins IG or Facebook) for food education(health coach), chef services and sells almond milk that’s to die for!

  152. I don’t see any manicurists. I am a nail tech and my business is Nails With Ashleigh located inside of The Beauty Collective in Lakewood.

  153. Party Life Rents
    4880 Ironton Street Unit L
    Denver, CO 80239
    Tents, tables, chairs, linen, dishes, and more –

    1. Hi! Do you work for them? I can’t seem to confirm the ownership info.

    1. Thanks! Are you recommending him as a past client? We may reach out to him if not to make sure the listing makes sense.

  154. Just saw that AK BBQ is on here already, must have missed it. So happy they are represented on the list!

    1. Do you have a website or a page they can get contact info from? The one connected seems to be under construction.

  155. Please add Burgess Services
    Construction management firm in Denver
    They helped build DIA and many other important state projects.

  156. Please add The Phoenix Affect – a global public relations and web development firm based in Denver, CO
    It’s 15 years old
    Thank you!

  157. Please add Peppermint Locusts Auto Detailing Services LLC. Jared Cheek is the founder and CEO of a mobile auto care business. He is a powerful visionary who puts relationship-building at the forefront of his business model. Find him on Google Reviews and Instagram/Facebook.

  158. Please add Peppermint Locusts Auto Detailing LLC, a mobile auto care business. Jared Cheek is founder and CEO, a powerful visionary with relationship-building at the forefront of his business model. Check his work out on Google Reviews or Instagram/Facebook.

  159. Please add BOCO Web Solutions (Web Hits, LLC) to your list. My name is Todd Walsh and I run a boutique technology company focused on various aspects of online marketing, website building, application development and website management. I could really use the support.

  160. Hi there! If any of these businesses see this or you guys know a local BIPOC business that would like to be featured on UOColorado please let me know! I’m starting a local series highlighting businesses in our backyard. Your story, how you got to where you are, etc as far as what you want to share is up to you! We’ll be raffling off e-gift cards to those businesses at the end of each week so your business would preferably have e-gift cards available. My email is derekw2496@gmail.com

  161. Thank you so much for this lovely article! It is very helpful… Don’t forget about the black, family, vet, women owned – Coats Custom Creations!! They have so many awesome goodies, that should not be overlooked. Is this the only list of Black Owned Businesses in the Denver Metro Area?


    1. Thanks! We’ll add it! And you can find more resources at the very top of the list.

  162. I don’t see Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, Havana Square in Aurora! (By the way, I love how many Ethiopian restaurants Denver has; it’s hard to adjust to not having that when living in another city.)

  163. Hello, could you please add Denver Delta, Inc under non-profits? Thank you!
    ​Denver Delta Inc. (DDI) is a non-profit 501c(3) organization with a simple mission: To promote equity by facilitating access to academic, health and economic development opportunities through charitable giving and engagement within our black and underserved communities in Colorado.

  164. Please add Venus Power. Our website is http://www.YourVenusPower.com email: info@yourvenuspower.com
    At Venus Power, we provide a holistic approach in whole-body health, Our herbs are all organic and of superior quality to help ensure that the body is properly aligned and not to introduce any new toxins. All of our Teas and Yoni Steams are carefully crafted to provide a unique blend that will show results. We take our time to carefully study and test each product for quality assurance.

  165. Cured Manis is an e-commerce site based in Denver. We sell cute press on nails for adults and children! Help us out and we appreciate any and all support!

    1. Yes — there’s a liquor store run by an Ethiopian immigrant family at 32nd and Tejon in the Highlands. Hope that helps!

  166. I am a Black Business Owner in the Denver Area on a crusade to help businesses locally and nationally survive and thrive by helping them uncover hidden profits in their business that can create a recurring business stimulus (Month after Month-Year after Year) at NO COST & NO EXTRA WORK.
    DID YOU KNOW as a business owner you can increase your profits by hundreds to thousands of dollars a month at no cost or additional work with a very simple solution without increasing your sales?
    Example: We have a business owner processing $30,000 a month on average and paying out $900 a month in fees. My solution would provide $860 in savings being returned to their profit margin, which in one year they would increase their profits $10,320 (If their profit margin was 10% they would have to increase their sales volume by $103,200 to earn that same $10,320).
    If you would like to schedule 20 minutes for me to learn more about your business and I can show you how I can uncover hidden profits that you can put directly in your pocket instead of banks or processors, please contact me DenverAMS.Rod@gmail.com

  167. As a fellow black business owner in Denver and a Colorado native I would like to give praise to Brittany Werges for all the hard work put into not only the initial publication but upkeep of this article. Creating a resource of this magnitude to assist in the support of not only the black community as a whole but to the movement currently in progress is something worthy of not only praise but should be awarded in my opinion. 303 Magazine has been a staple in Colorado for as long as I can remember reaching far beyond Denver. To use her platform for such a noble cause is beyond prestigious. The positive impact this article alone has had on the black community will last a very long time. Though I do not wish to have my Denver based business listed I am still very appreciative and offer my most sincere thanks. ?? We need more people like Brittany Werges.

    1. Thanks really nice of you to say, Eric!
      I’m really glad you find this useful and impactful and hope we can continue to support the community in many other ways.

  168. This is such a great list! Son and Pop Bow Tie Shop is a Black owned and Veteran owned business who specializes in Lego Bow/Bolo Ties and Art/Accessories. Site goes live Sept 1, 2020

  169. Rocky Mountain Movement
    A holistic wellness center (can be in the categories of both Health and Fitness)
    4380 S. Federal Blvd.
    Englewood, CO 80110
    (Close to Englewood/Littleton/Sheridan)

    Master Clarke is a true master of Tai Chi, offering the “art of ageless living” and methods of healing and stress relief. He also provides fitness and training programs. Plus, the center offers various modalities for healing and health, including Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Healing Teas, and wonderful energy!

    Reach out and mention “303Magazine” to find out about our programs and current deals.

  170. Hello Brittany!! Thank you for constantly updating this page. I submitted a Black pressure washing business, Integrity Mobile Wash, however it is only listed as Mobile Wash. Can you please update? I would appreciate it so much!

  171. This is great! Anyway to make these linked to an interactive map? So it would be searchable close to certain areas? Bookmarking for reference, nonetheless.

    1. Hi! We’ve made the conscious decision to not do a map so that it’s not easy for people to use this list for nefarious reasons. Also, we only link to sites the business controls so they can edit or remove any info they don’t want to be shown in case there are any issues. We typically do maps for other articles but we want to play it safe.

  172. Wow! It’s so sad that we have to be concerned about people using a map with this info for nefarious purposes. I guess I shouldn’t be so naive with the heightened emotions as of late. I appreciate the response and I hope one day that we won’t have to be concerned about those that may wish to do harm to POC. Thank you for this list! I will work on finding businesses near my place of work and home so I can do my part to support! Take care and get in good trouble!

  173. Kidcreate Studio – Parker, CO (Studio + On-the-Go Art Classes for Kids + Adults)

    Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Dessy, holds degrees in accounting and statistics, as well as an MBA. Prior to becoming a Kidcreate Studio Franchise Owner, Dessy spent 12 years as a grant accountant.

  174. Hello, please consider adding Denver Delta Inc to your non-profits. Mission:
    To promote equity by facilitating access to academic, health and economic development opportunities through charitable giving and engagement within our black and underserved communities in Colorado.

  175. Hi, thank you for such a brilliant post. I have been reading some blogs that gives me more knowledge about black owned businesses denver. I must say this is one of the best among them. You have done a great research for I feel, thanks for sharing.

  176. Hi, can we be added to the list? We are a fairly new food truck/catering company in the Denver area. We serve a Midwest cuisine with a Louisiana influence. Our website is tastebudbullies.com. Thank you for the resources!