The Best 303 Style Profiles Of 2018

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Koya Nyangi. Photography by Rebecca Grant

Throughout this year, we have seen an abundance of talented models, designers, bloggers and influencers who make a difference in the Denver community. We have featured these accomplished individuals in our 303 Style Profiles which is an ongoing series that highlights unique locals and their incredible style and stories. Through these profiles, we have learned about different cultures, values and artistry from these distinctive individuals. The Mile High City as a whole has an emerging fashion scene with numerous people who have helped build it. To summarize, here are seven profiles from this year that we put in the spotlight.

Jesus Perez

Photo by Amanda Piela

The Lowdown: At just 19 years old, this talented Denver designer created his own clothing line called Fides. Jesus Perez uses messages about relationships and heartbreak to paint amazing jackets. Through this process, his ultimate goal is to encourage people to express themselves without fear. His goals and dreams are to constantly inspire people to be artists. Perez wants to be remembered in the fashion world and make a name for himself. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to keep growing the exposure and value of his brand.

Ella Arnold

Photo by Danielle Webster

The Lowdown: Ella Arnold is not only a mom and wife, but a local style influencer and blogger as well. She built her blog, EllaXArnold from scratch and has found a way to connect with her followers on a personal level. Arnold got involved in fashion blogging because she loves to find a new trend and make it a commodity that she can call her own. Something that makes her personal style unique is she can be whoever she wants, whenever she wants. Because of this, she doesn’t believe she has to stick to one look consistently. She also embraces the concept to be your own person and not care about what other people think. Blogging as a whole has helped her break loose from her norm and express herself through fashion.

Luisa Walker

Photo by Rebecca Grant

The Lowdown: Luisa Walker is known onstage as Ludoesmusic and has brought her style to Denver with a pop of attitude. She is known for her fishnet wardrobe, stars and dot makeup, which is her way of expressing the concept that you shouldn’t care about what other people think they know about you. Her music is unique and different from the mainstream because her goal is to write music that is important and honest to her rather than to address a large audience. In turn, she hopes her music will echo what people feel and endure a personal connection to her songs.

Yasmin Isra 

Photo by Danielle Webster

The Lowdown: Yasmin Isra is a makeup artist and fashion influencer who has gained a large following within the Denver community. Something which sets her apart, however, is her undoubted modesty. She entwines her Muslim faith and shares high-quality content with the world. Part of her success is due to the fact that she is honest with her clients and creates lasting connections with them. Her culture and upbringing have affected what she does in only the best ways possible. It has not only shaped her into the person she is today but allowed her to appreciate every experience and interconnection she comes across.

Stephen Garcia

Photo by Rebecca Grant

The Lowdown: A Samoan and Mexican fashion enthusiast, Stephen Garcia upholds his unique characteristics through his personal style. For quite a long time, Garcia felt he couldn’t express his sexuality in part because of his religious upbringing, however, poetry is what really got him to come to terms with his true self through undeniable self-love and acceptance. His poetry also connects to his fashion in a few ways. They are both declarations of the person you are with its unwavering ability to tell something meaningful.

Ty Kranz, Meghan Monique and Aims Babich

Photo by Rebecca Grant

The Lowdown: Each of these individuals confronts the societal standards that say you have to fit into one category. They embrace their own unique styles and personalities through their fashion choices. Ty, for example, went on a journey in their early twenties to uncover who they are and who they wanted to embody. Their style is best exemplified by how they express themselves through their own identity. They are also the co-creator of T&J Upcycling. Monique strives to guide and encourage androgynous women to stand proud about who they are as individuals. She carries qualities of both masculine and feminine features which set her apart as her own individual. Babich gained her confidence over time as she found her own personal style and comfortability. She is also a co-producer of DnA Productions as well as a healer. She has her own practice called Wholesome Healing, LLC.

Koya Nyangi

100 Days of Denver Fashion, Denver Fashion, Different Nation, DUTO BER, Kenyan, Koya Nyangi, Let me Show You Different
Photo by Rebecca Grant.

The Lowdown: Koya Nyangi stands out in a crowd with her bright, bold pieces that she wears with confidence. Her blog, Let Me Show You Different inspires people to achieve their own personal style and be your true authentic self. She also has her own jewelry line, DUTO BER. These accessories are honorably sourced and handmade in Kenya and designed by Nyangi herself. The opportunity to bring Kenyan culture to the states is something that Nyangi is exceptionally grateful for. Moreover, she proudly expresses her distinct style and beauty wherever she goes.

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