Last weekend, DnA Productions (DnA) presented FLUID a show for the queers, a fashion show designed to embrace and celebrate people of all identities. This event took place at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and featured 14 multitalented designers and over 140 dedicated models who made this show possible. Divinity Ray and Aims Babich are the passionate pair behind this annual show, and every year it gets bigger and bigger. Their continuous dedication creates a space for people of all walks of life to feel fearless and proud. Regardless of height, size, gender and sexual orientation, a non-judgmental atmosphere allowed all of the people who participated and attended to express themselves freely.

“I got asked to do the show pretty last-minute and I am so thankful because all my clothes are unisex, free sizes with a gender-neutral kind of vibe,” said Shayna Ariel of Darkmoth Industry. “I think it really goes hand in hand with the idea of Fluid. So many different people can feel comfortable in clothing and everyone should feel confident.”

A non-profit is selected to donate a portion of the proceeds from the show each year. The mission is to support the concept to always be genuine and pure within yourself. This year, the chosen non-profit was Gender Identity Center of Colorado (GICC). This non-profit supports all gender identities and expressions. This organization was put together in 1978 and not only does this organization provide support for people, but it also serves to inform and educate to the entire community.

Designer, Treena Elizabeth stated, “Everything about this show is to be uniquely you and truly who you want to be. I express exactly who I am and all of my creations, all my fuzzy and cuddly creations. I hope everyone really enjoys them and enjoys what I have to create for them.”

Designer, Melissa An stated, “This show is a finale for me actually of doing my solo line. These are all custom lines for me so all of my designs are to transform in some way.” Many of her pieces are dual-purpose, which makes for an incredibly unique and exquisite line.

Designer Shayna Ariel with her models. Ariel stated, “I’m working with Georgia Tournai who’s an amazing hair artist and is doing some really cool androgynous looks.”

Amber Morsicato of Bodies By Amber is a Vegas-based celebrity body painter. Her motto: “Glitter is life.”

Designer, Angelina of The Opal Heart stated “I have rainbow hair and my rainbow silk fan. Each girl is in a specific color and this show means a lot to me because I am not totally comfortable with coming out yet either. I also love that Divinity and Aims put the show on.”

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All photography by Amanda Piela