A dating site connecting people through the love of the outdoors – need I say more? When I first heard about LuvByrd.com at Denver Start-Up Week, I ultimately thought, genius. So often I have been fraught with how I could possibly find someone who shares my love for tree-climbing or gets super amped about fresh snowfall in negative-degree weather.

The owner and creator of LuvByrd, Mike Keshian moved to Colorado 12 years ago, residing in Steamboat and Crested Butte until the idea for an outdoor-specific dating site hatched while watching a farmersonly.com commercial.

“Why can’t there be a skibumsonly.com or raftersonly.com?” said Keshian. So, Keshian and friends bought up domain names of different outdoor activities using “only.com” until they thought it would be better to unite them all under one name – LuvByrd.

8 fantastic reasons why you should FIND YOUR NEXT DATE on LuvByrd

1. Outdoor Adventure


LuvByrd helps you find like-minded singles who are enthusiastic about the outdoors, which is a great way to jumpstart your love quest. More and more people are using online dating sites, so you might as well use a niche dating site to filter out all the grubby sofa spuds. You’ll find individuals who share your favorite activities or your genuine fascination for the world outside. Plus, making your first date with an awesome nature lover will alleviate some pressure you may otherwise feel on a standard dinner-and-a-movie date. Nature has a healing power that can make you feel energized and alive. You’ll be more open, responsive and interested.

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2. Something New, Something Fresh

Booth Falls, photo by Rachel Bender.

Booth Falls, photo by Rachel Bender.

If you’re trying to get into the outdoors or learn something new, this is the perfect place to do it. LuvByrd launched in August 2014 and so far has about 90 members with new members signing up everyday. You can meet someone who shares your interests and preferred outdoor activities or you can meet someone who’s into the activities you want to try. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try geocaching or slack lining but you’ve never had the opportunity. Meet new people who will share their expertise and encourage you to try new things. LuvByrd welcomes you to try a new bike or hiking trail, which could be just what you need to conquer your fear of first dates.

3.  Colorado-Specific


Photo by Glenn Ross.

LuvByrd is staying local for a while, available to anyone in Colorado including Denver, Summit county, Steamboat and Gunnerson Valley. In a year or so, it will start spreading elsewhere, moving west toward Utah, Wyoming, Arizona and California and eventually going national. Find out more ways for how to live like a Coloradan.

4. Match Yourself


Burton US Open Village Candids at Vail Resorts, photo by Brent Andeck.

You do all the searching yourself after you’ve created your profile. Once you list all the activities you want to do and all the activities you do do, you can search for others based on those activities. Search for somebody who is just into skiing or find somebody who is into skiing, rock climbing and rafting. You can kind of vary it up. It’s nothing like OkCupid or Tinder where it’s matched based on your profile. (Find out the Dos & Don’ts of dating apps here)

“We let all the members do all the matching themselves by searching what kind of activities they’re into or what kind of activities they’d like to get involved in.” – Mike Keshian, Owner & Creator of LuvByrd

5. Social & Adventurous

Kokopelli Area Trails, Fruita, Colorado

Kokopelli Area Trails, Fruita, Colorado, photo from forums.mtbr.com.

The site is geared toward dating but it’s also to create friendships. It’s an activity-based dating website that wants to have group activities available just to get people outdoors and get them doing different things. You can spice up your dating life by trying some of these activities that you’ve never done before. If your first LuvByrd match suggests a 14er, 303 Magazine can help you learn how to hike a 14er and how to pack for a 14er.

6. You Could Find the One

Courtesy of Amber Taufen, Westword

Matt & Mendy, photo courtesy of Amber Taufen, Westword.

You might not be looking for love when you join, but you could still find it. Just after the site had been up for a couple months, Matt & Mendy declared their love for each other. They were ones who helped put LuvByrd together and fell in love in the process. They are a success story for sure. If you’re taken or dating somebody already, biking to Vinue Food & Wine Bar is still a great adventurous romantic date idea for two.

7. Doubles as an Outdoor Social Network


Zumba on the Rocks, photo by Lindsey Bartlett.

This winter, LuvByrd is trying to partner up with Loveland and host different ski dates and ski groups so people who are on LuvByrd can get a discount or lift ticket. Then it will try to host outdoor events and sponsor athletes doing different things. Its goal is really to get you moving, so spice up your dating life by signing up. Try biking in Kokopelli Trails  or biking Apex Park for your first adventures with someone new.

8. Natural & Comfortable


Photo by LuvByrd.

Be awesome. Be yourself. Don’t worry about what your profile says, just get out there and enjoy life. Talk to other people who share your interests and share your love of adventure. Connecting with awesome people will keep your dating life fun and enjoyable.

What’s LuvByrd Creator Mike Keshian’s craziest outdoor adventure?


Photo by LuvByrd

Mike Keshian: I was traveling from Panama to Colombia by sailboat (I had never sailed) with six others for a seven-day voyage. We sailed to the south of Panama, crossed over to Colombia, and hit some bad weather that broke the forestay (cable that holds the mast), and we couldn’t fly our sails. We were on food and water rations, sending smoke signals and flares until the Colombian Navy came to our rescue and towed us back on the twelfth day. It took two days of interviews to get welcomed into the country.

I was freakin out…we were in legitimate danger.

Next Steps

1. Sign up and explore. For the time being, making an account is free. 

2. Style your wardrobe. If you’re wondering what to wear for your outdoorsy dates – look through our last year’s gallery of SIA Snow Fashion Show for ideas. Save the dates Nov. 13, 15-16 to see Burton headline at 303’s Denver Fashion Weekend. Get tickets here.

3. Get active. Find more ways to get your body ready for the wintery season here.