Tinder has developed quite the reputation. Most of us singles living in Denver have tried it and many are fed up with having to go through hundreds of profiles to find someone who’s not some “rando” looking for action.

Luckily, there’s a new app launching in Denver today that offers an alternative to Tinder’s sleazy ways. It’s called Hinge and it helps you meet new people through friends. Instead of strangers, Hinge shows you people your friends might introduce you to, but haven’t had the chance.

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Here’s how it works. 

Step one: Install the app and Hinge will use Facebook to quickly create your profile.

Step two: You’ll see people in your extended social circles and validated profiles complete with education, workplace and other details that matter.

Step three: If there’s a mutual interest in meeting, Hinge makes the introduction.




How is it different than Tinder?

No randos: Instead of flipping through hundreds of random profiles, you’ll receive up to 20 potential connections everyday, curated from your extended social circles, We all know one of the best ways to meet people is through friends and that’s what Hinge helps you do. You’re likely to have more in common from the start and trust and accountability are already established.

No fakes: With Hinge, you can’t fake a profile since the information is pulled in directly from Facebook, showing details like workplace, education, full names, friends in common and other facts that matter when determining if you might want to meet up.

No getting stuck behind the screen: If there’s a mutual interest, Hinge connects you with that user so that you can get out from behind the screen and meet this potential match. Tinder users can message back and forth for days. But what’s the point if you’re not going to ever meet?

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Interesting facts:

  • Hinge users are 99% college educated, and most popular industries include banking, consulting, media and fashion
  • The average user has 36 friends on Hinge and 90% are between 23-36
  • The app is live in 13 cities: DC, NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, SF, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, Austin, Houston, Seattle and now Denver
  • It’s made over 6M matches and has celebrated several Hinge-gagements
  • 85% of downloads are coming from word-of-mouth



To hear a little more about the Hinge experience, I asked the app’s brand marketing lead a few questions.

Can Hinge help find love or does it focus on short-term relationships? 

Karen Fein: The beauty of Hinge is that by introducing you to people in your extended social circles, you’re likely to have a lot in common. Maybe that results in just one date, a serious relationship, or even a new business contact or friendship.

Have you heard any success stories so far?

KF: Absolutely! Anecdotally we hear about people meeting up through Hinge all the time and more specifically we know of several “Hinge-gagements.” Further, Hinge has created over 6 million matches through friends.

Most people will compare this to Tinder. Ultimately, how is it different?

KF: We’re about helping you meet people through friends, in a well-lit environment. We’ve been told this feels more relevant and trustworthy.

Is Hinge the new Tinder? Try out the new dating app that is like Tinder but with standards.

Download Hinge here.