The opportunities to mountain bike in Colorado are endless with trails for every difficulty level and style; whether you prefer single track or paved, there is a trail readily available. If you are looking to spend a day on your bike with incredible scenery and trail options for every level rider in your group, then you need to go to Fruita, Colorado.

Located just past Grand Junction, Fruita is home to a mecca of mountain biking trails. You could explore the hills around this small western town for days and not cross over your tracks. The best-kept secret of this area is the Kokopelli Trail Area. This trail system has endless loops so you can customize your ride to be as simple or complex as you want. With weaving single track, towering ridge-line views over the Colorado River, and high desert terrain the Kokopelli Trails are worth the drive; these trails are something that every rider should experience.

Kokopelli Area Trails


Best Beginner Trail – Rustlers Loop

Rustlers Loop, Kokopelli Area Trails, Fruita Colorado

Rustlers Loop, Kokopelli Area Trails, Fruita Colorado

This trail is a great warm up for any ride, and offers cliff side views over the Colorado River. Look out for helpful signage, instructing beginners on the rules of the trail, etiquette, and various skills in mountain biking.

Mileage: 3 Miles
Difficulty: Beginner
Trail Type: Single-track, dirt and rock
Elevation Gain: 290 Ft.
Climb: 300 Ft.
Descent: 200 Ft.
Approximate Ride Time: 1-2 Hours


Best Intermediate Trail – Mary’s Loop & Horsethief Bench

Horsethief Bench overlook at the Kokopelli Area Trails

Horsethief Bench overlook at the Kokopelli Area Trails

This trail is fast and flowing but just technical enough to keep you on your toes. Once you complete the Horsetheif Bench you are connected back to Mary’s Loop. You can end your ride here or continue on; the options are limitless.

Mileage: 8 Miles
Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail Type: Single-track, gravel and dirt
Elevation Gain: 900 Ft.
Climb: 2,200 Ft.
Descent: 2,100 Ft.
Approximate Ride Time: 2-3 Hours


Best Expert Trail – Moore Fun

Moore Fun trial is only for the most advanced riders in Fruita, Colorado

Moore Fun trial is only for the most advanced riders in Fruita, Colorado

Hands down the most technical trial in the Kokopelli system, Moore Fun is a constant challenge. There are beautiful views looking down the Grand Valley and the Colorado River, but you may have to stop to see them. This trail throws rock drops, cliffs, and steeps right at you.

Mileage: 5 Miles
Difficulty: Expert
Trail Type: Single-track, rocky, ledges and dirt
Climb: 1,200 Ft.
Descent: 1,000 Ft.
Approximate Ride Time: 2 Hours

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