Get Your Winter Bod Ready at Club Pilates

Club Pilates’ new location in Cherry Creek has Jump Board classes that will tone up, slim down and enhance your whole body.

Once you’ve soaked up the last bit of warmth at this weekend’s Great American Beer Festival or Highland’s newest late-night spot303 Magazine suggests a “ski-lates” class for the rigorous winter slopes ahead.

Here are five reasons why Pilates will boost your performance and fuel your endurance to ride the whole season strong:


The Pilates reformer is a converted with a jumpboard plate attached to the end allowing the clients to jump while lying on their back or sides.

The jumpboard plate attaches to the end of the Pilates reformer allowing clients to jump while lying on their back or sides.

The dynamic approach allows athletes an edge to learn to power and recruit from their deeper stabilizing muscles. The conditioning will elevate your heart rate and train full-body coordination.

“The Club Pilates Jumpboard class offers skiers and snowboarders great conditioning for muscle and cardio endurance.” – Heather Willer, Club Pilates Colorado Director

When the deeper muscles are strong, like your transverse abdominals and obliques, you are being taught to jump from your core which pulls pressure out of your knees and joints. When your powerhouse is strong, your lower extremities will be that much stronger.



Adjusting the spring tension changes the ability to work deeper into the core, upping the intensity for the squads and hamstrings.

Pilates teaches us to strengthen from the inside out – that everything comes from your deeper core. If the trunk of your body is strong, you will be able to stabilize better on the board and off the board (mid-air). Improving your balance is crucial for preventing injury.



We know how much you have to bend into those knees while skiing, and that can put a lot of pressure on your joints. Pilates teaches you to get into the transverse abdominals and obliques so that you’re more supported in spine alignment, going all the way into supporting the upper and lower back and the gluteus. This core support provides strength to your lower extremities which then alleviates pressure from your joints.



This incorporates lengthening, strengthening, and stabilization into the flow of movements necessary for the slopes.

Every Pilates exercise incorporates strength and stretching. The movements stretch and open the front torso. You’re upper and lower back will strengthen to support your spine and improve alignment. When you come from a strong base, you will enhance fundamental movement. Your inner core strength lines everything up to make everything consistent from the left side to the right side so that you’re feeling really stable from your core out to your extremities.

“I felt like I was walking taller. Just stronger from the inside out,” – Heather Willer


Performing ski exercises on the Jumpboard provides a safe platform for strengthening smaller muscles.

Performing ski exercises on the Jumpboard provides a safe platform for strengthening smaller muscles.

Using the Jumpboard for Aerobic Pilates gives skiers a great, low-impact alternative for a cardio work out. Because you jump horizontally you save stress and wear on your joints and compression of your spine. Pilates also addresses alignment issues resulting in less injury when you’re out on the slopes. Your body is going to be able to twist, turn, and bend appropriately, so when you have a nasty fall, you aren’t out for the season.

This heart pumping class is fun and doable for anyone. Check out their website in Cherry Creek for the full class schedule.

All photography by Danny Odum.



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