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Beat Diet: Pretty Lights

Although a few established acts have dabbled in the free download game—Radiohead and NIN are obvious examples—Pretty Lights' Derek Vincent Smith built his entire career that way--from the ground up. The Fort Collins-based producer is practically in a league of his own. Name one other artist who hasn't made a single penny on recorded music and is now capable of packing Red Rocks--a feat Smith is reprising this Saturday. It is a trajectory that many will inevitably imitate. Girl Talk might his only near-peer--business model-wise--but unless Crickets Chirping is the alias of a band not yet on my radar, the answer is clear.
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Festival Window: Savoy

Aurally, Boulder-based Savoy could pass for an adept electro DJ deftly blending others' cuts together. The truth? Savoy is erecting all their bangers from scratch—barring a few borrowed samples—and discharging them live via three-piece PA. It's a savvy formula that's caught on like the brush fire that destroyed a portion of my southeast plains hometown. Destruction is definitely an ingredient in Savoy's live recipe, where decimating decibels keep attendees in a perpetually perspiring frenzy.
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DJ IQ: Denver’s Kostas boasts Global Dance anthem

Kostas Kouremenous has been searching The Mile High City high and low for the perfect set of pipes. Kostas isn't a plumber, though, he's a producer—a DJ and dance music producer, to be exact. Although he's had his fingers in many different Denver pots over the years—a shoe store, a modeling agency and a number of nightclubs now (Amsterdam, Pure, Lotus, DC10, Zen)--partnering with Triad Dragons' Ha Hau on Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks was his single most in-the-black business decision to date.
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Aural Pleasure: The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob ain't no one-trick pony. “Glitch hop”, a genre they're often credited with inventing (or at least popularizing), may have put them on the map, but they refuse to churn out cookie cutter, assembly line club bangers. Drink the Sea, their first fully original full-length, is bound to confound expectations. On the one hand, there are certainly distinctive characteristics that make the record recognizably Glitch Mob. On the other, Sea sees them abandoning many of their signature bells and whistles—most notably the stutter edits suggested by their moniker.