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Miss BeFit: Volleyball

One of the best parts, well, probably the only good part about those miserable errands you have to do on your day off like going to the DMV (it’s official, everyone, the ol’ Dodge Caravan is registered in ...
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Miss BeFit: Bowling

Is bowling actually a sport? That seemed to be the question of the day within my little bowling group at Moe's Original Bar B Que, a little joint down Broadway where delicious Southern food is served, live mu...
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Souper Bowl Match-Up

The Souper Bowl.... it’s not just about the football, is it? It’s about the food… at least for me anyway. I go to Super Bowl parties to be with friends, eat, drink some, listen to the cheers, eat, enjoy rowdy conversation, eat, and to vote for the best commercials. On occasion, I may catch a play or two. But, frankly, I usually end up missing 95% of the game.
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Fork It: Super Bowl Sunday munchies

There are two sacred days of the year when it is considered permissible for Americans to lounge about, over eat, and watch football. One of those days is Thanksgiving. The other is Super Bowl Sunday. I'm an ...

Snowdown: Z-Trippin’

We Coloradans love the white stuff. While I'm sure the Colombian kind has its share of fans here too, I'm referring to the variety Old Man Winter manufactures on Mother Earth's face. God's dandruff, if you'...
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Birdman’s comin’ to our party

January can be a slow month for retail sales. That's why we decided to give our second annual Awards Issue a lift this month. And who better to facilitate said lift than one of the biggest personalities--both...
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Health Bent: Back on the Bike

  It's a fitness Friday again and this week we're blogging all things biking. You may or may not have seen Lance Armstrong's press conference/announcement at the CO state capitol on Wednesday 8/4. Next...