The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. and Denver Winery Collaborate on a New Wine Seltzer Brand

Albert Hammond Jr., The Strokes’ notably successful and well-loved guitarist, founded a new wine seltzer in collaboration with a winery in Denver’s backyard. Jetway Wine Seltzers, shipped to most states in the U.S., are made from naturally fermented wine and pack loads of delicious flavor in singular colorful cans.

Jetway Wine Seltzers

American musician, singer, composer and record producer Albert Hammond Jr. is well known for his work in American rock band The Strokes as lead guitarist, occasional keyboardist and backup vocalist. The band member met Ben Parsons, a renowned enthusiast of canned wine, and the two decided to work together on this new adventure.

Ben Parsons founded Infinite Monkey Theorem, the industrial-chic winery and taproom located in RiNo. Now, he continues his role as a winemaker and brand builder through his partnership with Albert Hammond Jr., creating Jetway Wine Seltzers.

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These seltzers, currently available in two flavors, are meant to go beyond the usual canned seltzers that party-goers know and love. While typical seltzers are made primarily with sugar, these wine seltzers come from natural ingredients fermented from grapes. Unlike other seltzer brands, Hammond wants these canned drinks to pair seamlessly with certain foods or events. 

Jetway Wine Seltzers

In an interview with James Lane for WKCR-FM NYC, Hammond explained that he hoped to modernize a drink he knew and loved, the Aperol Spritz, when hatching the idea of Jetway. The brand name, an ode to the literal walkway or bridge you go through from airport to airplane, represents the excitement of being neither here nor there and the possibilities Jetway can bring.

“I just thought, what a cool idea of the drink itself. The memories of it could either be an emotional or physical bridge for you. Whether it’s a memory of something or its pairing with food, or something that you physically want to go do differently because of it,” Hammond told Lane.

Jetway lovers can choose from two options — a White Wine Seltzer made with Sauvignon Blanc or a Rosé with Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The drink promotes the consumer’s well-being by incorporating yerba mate, Fijian ginger and yuzu in each sip.

Jetway Wine Seltzers

In his interview with WKCR-FM NYC, Hammond also discussed plans for Jetway and where he hopes to see the brand go. The eye-catching pink and yellow cans and the simple yet intriguing bird logo were no accident when deciding on a branding strategy early on in this endeavor. In fact, Hammond and his marketing team spent about a year on the artwork, then stuck it on planes, cars and more the see how the logo would hold up in various contexts. Moving forward in the name of artwork and branding, they discussed ideas of limited edition boxes and cans as they grow. They want each box of seltzers to feel special. “We wanted it to feel like a gift where you keep the box, kind of like the Tiffany box,” he said to Lane.

Purchase Jetway Wine Seltzers on its website, available for shipping throughout the United States, except Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Tennessee and Utah. Each can is gluten-free and vegan, 5% ABV,︎︎︎ 100 Calories︎︎︎ and 5g Carbohydrates.

All photography courtesy of Jetway Wine Seltzers.