The 100+ Best Photos We Took in 2019

Looking back on the year, it’s always surprising to see what happened within a relatively short amount of time. Memory can be shockingly selective and sometimes your favorite moments may be tucked away in the recess of your mind. That’s why we love putting this recap together because it perfectly distills 365 days into a snapshot that can jolt your memory back to life. Continue on to get a look at what we captured in 2019. From unforgettable concerts, places and people — let’s see if we can clear the cobwebs just in time for 2020.


Denver has no shortage of interesting characters. This year alone, we met everyone from alien singers to mermaids, witches, forest bathers and of course a Colfax legend. But beyond these mythical sounding creatures, we also took time to speak to local politicians, protestors, artists and more. All of them make up what we continually know as Denver.

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The Mile High City is changing. Some of that change is hard to see while others are impossible to ignore. This year, the change was more visible than ever. From record-breaking weather events to a state-of-the-art music venue and plenty of fancy new restaurants and fresh street art in between — few years have more vibrantly different as 2019.

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This year, there were over 6,500 concerts in Denver and we, in some capacity, wrote about them all. So you can imagine narrowing down our best concert photos wasn’t easy. But as always, some performances (and the photographic evidence) are unforgettable.

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Every day, we try to prove one thing wrong — that Denver doesn’t have style. Below is the proof that our style is just like our altitude, undeniable.

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Food and Booze

There’s an art to food photography that goes beyond #foodporn. Because not every dish has an oozing over-easy egg or piles of bacon to make your mouth water. Rather our photographers need to make everything from salads to soups look sexy — and fortunately, they have done just that.

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