The 100+ Best Photos We Took in 2018

It’s crazy that we can narrow down all of the photos 303 Photographers take over the year to something around 100. But as we look back on the last 365 days, there are always moments (and images) that stick out. Below you’ll find the some of our favorite photos we took this year broken down by category.


2018 was an interesting year for music in Denver. Between major consolidations to the debut of a massive new music festival and the changing of hands of another, the local music scene simultaneously got bigger and smaller. And while some worry about what’s in store for the music scene as the city grows, our photographers had a front row seat for nearly every major musical moment this year. From Red Rocks to Grandoozy, UMS and every smaller venue in between, get a look at what we saw this year in music.

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We’re not going to be modest — this year was huge for fashion in Denver. Between Dior picking Denver to debut its first major US exhibit, to the arrival of Zara and (not to mention) the city getting it’s very own full fashion week, Denver is becoming a sartorial destination. We’d like to think we’re on the forefront of that. Not only because we put on Denver Fashion Week, but because of the boundary-pushing editorials our fashion desk constantly churns out. See below for an example of some of our favorite shoots this year.

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Food and Booze

You’ve been warned: This will make you very hungry. If you’re drooling by the end of this gallery then our photographers have done their job. From flaming drinks to juicy burgers and exquisite desserts, we went on a visual (and actual) feast this year to bring you these tasty photos.

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While Colorado’s most treasured spots may reside in the mountains, the city’s ever-evolving landscape is always providing us with new hidden gems. From futuristic Carribean hideaways to technicolor gin discos and leafy oases, Denver never stopped surprising us this year with its dynamic spaces.

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One of the best parts of working at a magazine is all the people you get to meet. In the photos below, there are countless stories our photographers captured in a single shot. The selected few — out of the thousands we took — tell their own story.

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