Introduced to the United States in New York City in 1989, Zara is set to open its 100th US store right here in Denver’s Cherry Creek Shopping Center tomorrow at 10 a.m
. The store is set up using Zara’s latest global design concept, including two floors in a space totaling 32,000 square feet. The minimalist white flooring, walls and ceiling allow the true stars of the show — the beloved clothing — to shine. The selection includes the latest collections for women, men, kids and Zara Join Life, a line of products made using sustainable raw materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester and wool.

The new store houses a setup unique to Denver that includes specific clothing selected for local fashion enthusiasts. Knitwear and outerwear are a central part of every collection and are organized with suggested outfit pairings, making it easy for shoppers to put together outfits to brave the Colorado weather in the chicest way possible. Stand-out outerwear selected for the Denver market include 100 percent wool coats made from Italian sustainable wool taken from sheep cared for on smaller, privately owned farms.

There’s another exceptional feature that gets to the heart of what the local community values — eco-efficiency. Zara chose Denver as a store to incorporate its green building criteria. The store uses 20 percent less energy than standard stores, consumes 40 percent less water, uses LED lighting and regulates water flow rates. It’s part of a larger plan to incorporate these practices in all Zara stores by 2020. 

Zara has made high fashion accessible to everyone and for that, we are eternally grateful. Because we can all remember the moment we discovered the brand and made it ours, we’ve all anxiously waited for its arrival but it was all worth it. If the preview is any indication of what’s to come, it’s the beginning of a new and beautiful friendship.

Zara is located on the First Level of Cherry Creek Shopping Center at 3000 E 1st Ave., Denver. It opens on Thursday, November 15.

All photography by Rebecca Grant

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