In 2015, we highlighted 15 Denver Fashion Bloggers with lust-worthy Instagram feeds. Now it’s 2017 and we’ve expanded that list to include 17 Denver fashion bloggers, professionals and creatives who are doing cool things, often in even cooler outfits. Keep reading to check out the stylish folks that should be curating your Instagram feed — and just maybe your closet, too.



Photo by Sammy Keller, courtesy of

Why you should follow: YaSi is an artist who is not afraid to experiment with her sound or her look. Hip-Hop and ’90s references can be found in the singer’s penchant for oversized silhouettes and pops of color. Pieces like masculine outerwear are expertly balanced with feminine and funky accessories.



Photo courtesy of Alex Crockett

Why you should follow: Alex Crockett’s Instagram profile reads, “online reputation specialist” and “digital artist” but what it doesn’t say is how cool the pixie-haired lady’s closet must be. Crockett opts for comfort, often including athleisure, and her short hair instantly makes her outfits visually striking.


Fashion Stylist

Photo courtesy of @nancynruiz on Instagram.

Why you should follow: Nancy Ruiz gives us a wide range of styles on her feed. From sexy streetwear to pulling off an all-denim getup — and still somehow looking high fashion — this beauty slays dressed up or dressed down.


Fashion Editor

Dustyn Deerman in an outfit from Midnight Rambler Boutique. Photo by Katie Langley

Why you should follow: As Denver Style Magazine‘s former editorial manager, Dustyn Deerman is no stranger to the world of fashion. Her standout outfits include rock and roll details — like faux fur and vampy lipstick. Mixing more than one velvet piece is an outfit go-to.


Digital Designer

Photo courtesy of @_adurrrr on Instagram.

Why you should follow: Anthony Duran is a brand ambassador for Fancy Tiger Clothing and can often be found behind a pair of sunglasses. His all black outfit posts are accompanied by clean accessories and snaps of coffee.


Athlete (duh)

Photo courtesy of Von Miller

Why you should follow: It’s safe to say that Von Miller is known far more for his performance on the field than his sartorial choices but the Bronco player can dress. He sticks to basics like denim but is not afraid to spice up an outfit with fun prints, especially cheetah. Also if you wear glasses, his specs are serious goal setters.


Fashion Blogger

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Why you should follow: Carolina Hellal of the blog Chic Talk is trendy — but in a good way. Hellal takes current pieces and reinvents them through unexpected pairings. Not only are her outfit snapshots visually interesting; they showcase how simple it is to extend the shelf life of an otherwise “one season” purchase.

Take a look at our interview with Hellal here.



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Why you should follow: Grace Penhale has style but doesn’t have a style. The hairstylist can be a little rocker one day and just a bit witchy the next. Her best looks have a cowgirl vibe to them and include bandanas, pointed boots and big belt buckles.



Photo courtesy of Kayla Marque

Why you should follow: Kayla Marque is a musician and a hat lady. The singer keeps things trendy on and off stage with chokers and short shorts but makes outfits casual and cool by adding headwear to the mix.


Fashion writer

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Why you should follow: Kelsey Nelson is a travel, fashion and beauty journalist for Bustle. Her feed chronicles the clothing stories she covers and the clothing stores she frequents. Long bottoms rule her wardrobe and she balances everything with a septum ring and beat up vans.


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Why you should follow: If her amazing eyebrows don’t make you jelly enough, then her bright wardrobe will. Sierra Sabainahng Smith’s preference for all things color is pleasing to the eye and the spirit. Also, she makes a serious case for mixing orange, red and yellow.


Store Owner

Kayleen and Joshua Harvey of The Sneerwell for an interview in 303 Magazine. Photo by Austin Cope.

Why you should follow: Kayleen Harvey is one-half of the talented The Sneerwell team. She and her husband, Joshua Harvey, design/sell custom flasks on their site The juxtaposition of her fashion choices is really fun; one day she accessorizes with a fox stole and the next a pair of boots with bright red flames.

Take a look at our interview with Harvey and her husband here.


Fashion Blogger

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Why you should follow: Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard expertly uses her Instagram account and blog, Ranti in Review, to showcase her minimalist — with a twist — style. Her use of color is a fun and easy way to bring a lot of personality to a basic look.


 Vintage T-shirt Expert

Shelly in a metallic orange one piece paired back to black. Photo by Noah Berg.

Why you should follow: Shelly Shellhorn served as Buffalo Exchange’s vintage t-shirt buyer for years and her personal collection looks just as impressive. While she did leave Denver early this year, her love of color, texture and unique pairings and are worth a mention. Her wardrobe is magically vintage and of-the-moment all at once.

Take a look at our interview with Shellhorn here.


Fashion Blogger

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Why you should follow: Cayla Jean uses her self-titled style blog as a tool for change. Through her love for dresses and crop tops, she proves that fashion is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Jean chatted with 303 in December about her preferences and goals in advocating for body acceptance.

Take a look at our interview with Jean here.



Photo courtesy of Zach Schulman

Why you should follow: Spruce’s assistant head of retail and frequent lookbook model, Zach Schulman uses his feed to showcase the men’s boutiques goods. Barber skills are on full display through his ever-evolving mane, as are cool accessories like suede ties and mirrored sunnies.


Fashion Blogger

Photo courtesy of sweet&

Why you should follow: Mallory Sauer takes Colorado staples: cardigans, denim and sneakers and makes them fresh. If you are looking for a readily achievable OOTD look no further than her feed. Most items can be found in an existing closet and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for cute factor.

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